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London riots/manly /melbourne

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by jbb/james, Aug 28, 2011.

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    The tragic shooting of a young man in London sparked a massive riot. While it was is no way related to the incident societies unrest had finally been pushed to a point where they felt stupid actions was there only hope. I dont support any of it but it was there under the skin in a society that had problems that were not being adressed by those taking the cash to do so

    While the game is not as extreme i fell there is no doubt parts of the football community feel equally uneasy about the leadership, the mannagement of their society. For an example of this you need to look no further than David Gallop spending money from the games pot to provide security to a game in Australia in a suburb the whole country believes is doing pretty well for itself. Who needs security to visit manly unless you have erred

    As many have said the tension has been simmering in a melting pot for some time and Glens reaction to the news that gallop was coming was a clear message to anyone with ears that this subject still holds massive resentment out manly way. No doubt melbourne have there own issues as well

    While gallop has stood stead fast on his words that stewart got what he deserved, and even last week stated that stewart was like a judge getting caught with speeding tickets. A normal person might not go too jail but the judge will have to defies belief

    David Gallop is the leader of this footy society and one can only assume he will not go back on his words for legal reasons, but if David Gallop went to the stewarts and said Look the report manly gave me was inaccurate as the court case obviously found incidents to differ. At the time i had only the report to go in. Since then i have to admit you were harsly dealt with and if i could help in any way restore your reputation I would be open to discussion. I wish you all the best and my door is always open

    But lets face it the leader has done nothing worthy of mention and his reluctance to act like a human being in this saga is a blight on the man , regardless of what position he holds

    While gallop didnt throw punches his actions over the last 2 years certainly helped pack the powder keg that was ready to explode at any time.

    This is not an excuse for the flair up which i believe is no where near as bad as what they are making. A minor suspension, club fine with a behaviour bond hanging over their heads would suffice in my opinion. This stuff happens from time to time everywhere , at pubs every weekend and at suburban footy grounds every weekend. It is not the NRL's job to fix society

    Its time for gallop to act like a leader, show some empathy to a situation he has contributed too and start pacing his hallway again, but this time use some common sense as he has not only the credability of the game, the season, but his own that needs a massive boost

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