Live Thread - Manly vs Sharks

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I dont think Dessie should yell at them. I think he should make them take off their jearseys and not let them put them back on. They can play the second half topless. They dont deserve to play in a Manly strip.


Journey Man
296 metres is all they could muster.

1/3 of the possesion.

At least they should be fresh for the second half, havnt done anything in the first


Reserve Grader
No way am I going to watch the 2nd half after watching the first 40, instead I'm going to watch re-runs of the wiggles it'll be more entertaining/


Winging it
I am watching this pathetic display. Who needs confession in a church when you can flog yourself mercilessly by being a Manly supporter.
This is an absolute JOKE!


You know what is worse. We are playing in 70's jearseys. Back when Manly was dominant! This is so bad. How can we play like this.


50. I'm past angry now, I'm even past embarrassed. I don't know if there's a word for this... disgraceful.


There we go 50-0. We should all do that Japanese thing where you kill yourself with your sword.



Apparently the "Brett Kimmorley Show"
"As good as Cronulla has been, Manly has been woeful"

Matai on report for a high tackle (I think that equals one per game for him doesnt it)


Reserve Grader
Whatever Noddy is drinking I want some. this is an absolute joke this 60+ and more to come scoreline.


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
what a pathetic ****ing joke!

****ing crap team it has to be close to start calling for someones head here!

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