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Travis Burns has been selected on the bench after a 2 week suspension. Michael Monaghan has been named in the 5/8 position and Matt Ballin has retained his number 9 jersey.

SEA EAGLES NRL TEAM: Brett Stewart, Michael Robertson, Steve Bell, Jamie Lyon, Chris Hicks, Michael Monaghan, Matt Orford ©, Jason King, Matt Ballin, Brent Kite, Anthony Watmough, Glenn Stewart, Luke Williamson
Interchange: Travis Burns, Glenn Hall, George Rose, Mark Bryant


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Glad to see Ballin Starting over Burns and dont mind seeing monas and Orford together for another week. There is enough flexability between the 4 to cover all playmaker positions


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Sea Eagles Premier League: Sean Meaney, Michael Bani, Sean Dalton, Nick Bradley-Qualilawa, Junior Ahio, Sam Key, Jeff Robson (c), Sione Finefeuiaki, Aaron Groom, Phil Morwood, John O’Sullivan, Jack Afamasaga, Jason Wells
Interchange: Blake Hanlon, Chris Trembath, Tim Mortimer, James Mortimer, Bede Touhy


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IMO with current available players, this is our strongest line up.

I dont mind either Travis or Monas on the bench. Having Travis' defence when our big guys get a bit tired later in the game could be important for us.


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In my mind a mistake. Monas and Orford for some reason do not have a combination. They get in each others way, lose the plot, no-one knows wtf is happenning in attack (their 20). I've seen this over and over the last two weeks. Burns to start 5/8, Monas and Ballin to hooker. Burns is needed to plug the gaping hole up the middle, before those hulks got tired, which I'm sure was spotted by the slime coaching staff on Sunday. Anyway I'm still of the mind we'll win easily. I just wish they'd get over themselves and both play constructively.


beautiful. no late changes this time des.. as it caused disruption.

Id put Burnsy at lock in place of Willow.

The Gronk

Probably good if Burns starts off the bench. I reckon it could be a bit firey early on and he is prone to getting a bit carried away.

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Teams named on Tuesday have no resemblance to what runs out on Saturday. It is simply a game to keep Big League happy.

One hour from game time is the real time to check what the squad might be.


I'm happy for them to run out like that.

I'd let Monaghan call the shots and take some pressure off Orford.. maybe play Orford in a 5/8 type role... let him ease his way in... although after last week I think Orford will have a cracker. I hope so anyway.

We got a new bloke in at work now so I don't have to work Friday nights anymore.. so I can see a few beers being downed while I watch this.. how good will it be if the bronc's lose and we win on friday night!!

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