Libs attempt to cut funding to education again.

Journey Man
The liberal party are attempting to cut education if school sex education is not conducted as they state in ALL schools. Just another way they are cutting funding to public education.

Byso, im confused. Can you please tell me how the FEDERAL liberal party can cut education funding when as you said education is run by the STATE labor government.
First Grader
"if school sex education is not conducted as they state in ALL schools."

They do this they keep the $
First Grader
Wait till June and the Senate is Lib controlled. You watch the once hidden mad-cap agendas start to emerge!!!

Watch out Australia!
Journey Man
Correct Byso, but IF they do not - then they lose some funding.

That is the federal governments decision.

Will you now agree that education is a federal issue??
First Grader
Brendan Nelson thinks it is. The nonsense he is sprouting is all about Federal Govt control under the guise of saying that the current HSC is not rigorous.
First Grader
Just doesn't stack up with other states. I agree they probably should be the same. Especially if theres a big difference in quality!
Reserve Grader
Actually, the sex ed cutting will impact upon church-run schools. There are some that are semi-private...

There should be sex ed... but the church doesn't like it!!!!
First Grader
Depends what school and what church. I know a fair bit about Church schools and many do sex ed. A term 'values neutral' is one that hits at where the issue lies. (No such thing is reality but some claim that sex ed should be removed from values and morals - it just depends on whose morals/values we are talking about?)
Winging it
They should present a balanced view (how that can be finally agreed on I really don't know) which should cover the physical aspects, the consequences of early sexual activity, a discussion of social acceptance and religious beliefs. Then leave it at that and let the kids decide what is right for them. I think some (and I say some) teachers push an "anything goes" philosophy and the church pushes the total opposite. In general Australian thinking sits in the middle ground and hopefully the curiculum will be balanced. I also agree with byso that at the HSC level it should be one exam for all. I am starting to get pissed off with the hundreds of differences between States in every walk of life.
Reserve Grader
Well... that was sex ed at my school... We discussed all aspects. And grossed out any yound male teacher. The female teachers were very good. And we had to deal with 'women's troubles' too. A visit from the tampon companies were looked forward too - funny.

HSC. Well, I'd neve4r want to do ONE exam. In case you forget, the HSC is over one year and the exams are only 50% of your score. What matters is long term work. Bit hard to co-ordinate that on a national level.

Then of course is the difference in funding for all the states (NSW gets less cash per capita than the less populated states do).

So... how do you make it fair?

Yes things are different in each state, but they have ways to convert it etc.

It's like trying to do law in each state. It's tough moving from one state to another because of the different laws, both statute and common. You have to get permission and accreditation in each different state. But, it is possible.

I'd entrust my opinion of the one exam to those who know about it. The teachers. You know, the ones that have seen so many students go through? I know many teachers, most who have been working for 30 years or more. Some I admire alot. Many from different states. I have been privileged to get their opinions because they appreciate mine. They know the monumentous effort the one exam will take. And they know what sort of a cock-up it can (and most likely will) be.

Now I know we rank second in the world for our literacy studies... even with shocking investment in education. So if you rock the boat too much... be prepared to sink.
UFO Hunter
OH MY GOD!!!! I can't believe this is happening. Everyone run for the hills. You know, its times like this I wish I lived in Iraq or Somalia!
Reserve Grader
Well then guys... go live there... I doubt you'll enjoy yourselves.

But you do anything I would consider anti-feminist... be prepared for a total arse-kickin'.

In real life, I'm rather scary. :twisted:
Winging it
OH MY GOD!!!! I can't believe this is happening. Everyone run for the hills. You know, its times like this I wish I lived in Iraq or Somalia!
Once again the voice of reason and sanity strikes back :roll:
Reserve Grader
This is the prime reason why I heavily dislike the Libs....

:evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

Being a product of the public school system from K-12, as well has having a mother,aunty and uncles as teachers/principals. I know too well just how well the Howard government is slowly killing off state education.

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