Lets come up with chants or things to put covelle off his kicking

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Kim Jong Dan
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Right we need some out rages crap to put covelle off of his kicks.

I think someone runningg to the fence and yelling "Show Us your Tits" just as he kicks would work but we need something a bit more well thought out to throw him off his game.

I guess we should do the same for vagan aswell. If we just hammer these two players all game with sledging, we should make some inroads and impact.
"Too **** for the Tigers" would be a start.

You could ask him how the Tigers went in PL last year.

"Puke -n- Grovel"

Ask him if he was laughing in the video sesions when Terry LAmb found Hoppa's finger poking tactics amusing and, if so, would he like some more?
or just keep saying

Hoppas pointing at you again, hoppas pointing at you!
Someone should convince their girl to actually show the tits right in the kicking stride. That should get some attention.
it may not, maybe you should lift your shirt fluffy, although I heard Bi-So is the shirt lifter round these parts
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subtlety is not a word commonly associated with bi-so.
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I think Byso's call last year to Vagana to play Fullback was the best

Remember his memorable game at Full back for the Kiwi's LOL :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
I have your man Daniel, the one to yell out at the Sharks kicker that is.

He usually gives it to the kickers if they are in front of him, he is loud (especially after a few beers). He is not even a Manly fan but was giving it to a school friend taking a shot from the sideline a few years back so he has no shame. Hanging over the fence giving him a gobfull.

He should be there :lol: :lol:
maybe we should get down there and gee him up. Shout him a beer for every kick the kicker misses.
[quote author=20px]"Go back to fullback Vagana!"[/size] :lol: :lol:

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