Lee man of the series

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Aussies have won the finals 2 - Nil.

Brett Lee man of the series.

But dont let that get in your way mata - he is obviously still crap.
Glad to see that those great judges Flipper and Mata have been outvoted once again by those that matter. Lee and McGrath again. Pity they play for NSW or they would be great cricketers!!!!! :shock: :?
Fluffy I love how you throw stones in your glass house.

I bet all your windows are boarded up :wink:
I've never said McGrath shouldn't be in the side did I?

Obviously the man of the series is no longer chosen along Best and Fairest lines.

If it was chosen for the best player it would have gone to McGrath or Clarke.

If it was for the fairest then Lee would have been disqualified for his disgraceful, petty, spiteful and cowardly beam ball to Razzaq.

So when you sit down to breakfast tomorrow, please not the new criteria for the man of the series award. The ACB, with a clear conflict of interest, will give it to the player that is most marketable.
mmm could have a point there. But still funny :wink:

You must admit that Bing is worthy of being in the side. He did prove himself.
Kaspa has one bad over and gets dropped.

Lee has had plenty of worse overs than that but gets persisted with.

Go figure.
But he delivered. Credit were it's due.

Also Kaspa doesn't open Bing does. Different bowlers.

The selectors proved to be correct!
Hang on,didn't Razzaq give Lee a bean ball? Gotta disagree with Mata,Lee bowled fast and straight all series.Now if he can only do it outside Australia....
Yes he did cop at least one beamer. So fair cop really.

You know all to well that if you bounce or beam a bowler your asking for trouble. It would have been wrong for him not too repay.
Yes he did cop a beam ball. By returning the favour he just proved that he's a prat. A greater man would have resisted the urge to respond in kind.
By doing it it's letting all fast bowlers know that if ther gunna put any crap on any fast bowler in the Aussie team there gunna cop it back.

Surely you've played park cricket Mata? It's no different for the big time!
Clasping at straws again hey??

It wasnt the best thing to watch but you just cant blame the guy. Razzaq bowled 3 and i think lee wanted to show him what its like to be on the other end.

Mata Lees bowling was far above anyone elses for the series. If you want a Qld bowler in so desperatly then drop Dizzy - he was the worst of the 3 over the series.

Last night Lee had 1/9 off his first 4 - Mcgrath had 1/19 after his first 4.
Had it been the other way around everyone would be ranting and raving how good McGrath was in the opening spell. Thats how Lee has bowled the majority of the series.
What figures did McGrath end up with? 5 for?

byso, did he hear what legends of the game like Benaud had to say about Lee's disgraceful act?
Im not saying McGrath shouldnt get credit.

But Lee bowled very good as well. Seems you cannot open your eyes beyond your Qld bias to see that.
I'm a huge Lee fan but i've gotta say i was bloody dissapointed with his beamer. Razzaq bowled two, one at Lee's waist, the other higher, but i seriously doubt it was deliberate. Look at it. The only reason you would deliberately bowl a beamer is if you're pissed off, and why would Razzaq be pissed off, he wasn't being smashed, he was being hit for singles. Then Razzaq apologised straight away. Lee had a bitch, rightly so, then he deliberately bowls one which would have to have been 10 km/h quicker, which we all know was deliberate, and Razzaq didn't complain at all.

Even if Razzaq did deliberately bowl it, as Matabele says, Lee should have been a bigger man. But i spose that's what happens to these once enthuiastic cricketers, and good sports when you play to much with players like Lehmann, Ponting, Hayden and co. I just hope the same doesn't happen to Clarke.
Its very hard not to be pissed off after one comes at your head.

You see it all the time in league - a cheap shot or head high and the player is targetted by the entire team, not just the victim.

I wish he had been the bigger man but i cant blame him that much - there are plenty of others who have done the same in similar situations. If there wernt there would never be a fight in league.
This is not schoolboys stuff,they are playing for big stakes here.One of the main reasons this team is so successful,apart from talent,is the aggression shown.Works well doesn't it?
Yeah but it was a few hours later. I can see why he would have pissed, but he should have been able to control it.

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