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The proof is in the pudding - our captain this year should have been BK.

I argued his case on the basis of what he would do OFF the field. The reality is, our campaign was derailed this year by Monasgate, and ever since Monaghan has been terribly exposed as a listless and pathetic "leader". Actually, he is not a leader. Let's not besmerch the title by applying it to Monaghan.

In leadership you need people WHO ARE WORTH FOLLOWING and who have skills and a certain thing called "character" that the younger players can aspire to. Monaghan showed this year that he has neither.

Secondly, the club stands on a knife edge. They must decide whether they are a professional entity or a "football club" - with the obvious insinuation that mediocrity can be tolerated. As I see it there is dead wood in the club that must be cut loose as it is an anchor to our fortunes.

Sadly, I can only presume the dead wood has "dirt" on someone in leadership that cannot be exposed. MAybe it would be better to just expose whatever it is, get rid of the fools that hold the dirt, and then move forward with sme effective leadership.

It was not only the team that was rudderless today.
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No amnesia kiddy. I haven't had the priviledge of birth to go to a posh private school and be wrapped in cotton wool for all of life.

You have a lot to learn yet obviously.
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yeh and why do u think i go to a private school? That also has nothing to do with the subject. Yeh, so what your older than me doesnt mean that you are smarter or wiser!
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Is it not obvious the child is a teenager?

Every 17 year old thinksthey know EVERYTHING about the world!
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Yeh mate doesnt mean i go to a private school and have been spoilt my whole life. Since when did i say i know everything about the world? This is footy and you sound like you dont know much


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why are you sick of it, arent you sick of his on field inadequecies?
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Thats gold, I agree with Mata that major changes must be made. We are a joke of a club atm. We lack direction on and probably off the field.

By far one of the worst teams in the NRL
lol yeh i spose your right, im just sick off people having a go at Monas all season

Get used to it little boy. Monas is crap. He has been the kicker all season and then yesterday he sits back and lets Witt do all the kicking.The only time i heard or saw Monas was when he was whinging to the Ref. Send himm to Souths.
Journey Man
Sad about the prep school boys hi-jack.

Is there not anyone that will rationally argue that I'm wrong (apart from Corso Pete who would argue with me that black is white).

Where's Haig now?

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