Le Tour de France.


Anyone interested?
Great scenery if nothing else.
Had to travel around watching my older brothers race but never raced myslef.
Is this the ultimate test of stamina???


Yeah Mata ,
I didnt think of the triatholons. They would be by far the toughest for a one day event , especially the hawaiin event.
Also , the iron man events where they race about 3 or 4 times during the day to get to the finals. But over a decent distance , many days the tour would be right up there.
What are the crazy NZ races you speak of???


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From what I saw when living in Bondi, there's a race called the "Swim to Bondi then Lay on the Beach for the Rest of Your Life".

It's seems pretty popular too!


Hey Narc,
Is there a section where I can just do the "lie on Bondi"part or do I have to contribute to the swim?

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Le tour is a great event and one of the toughest of all time. Those guys are bigger than Gods in France and Europe but it rates little here.

The half hour summary on SBS at 6 pm is great viewing and it is great to follow. Too late to watch it live but I have in the past and again it is compelling. (I may be not a good judge as I will watch any sport on telly. Too snails racing up a skyscraper could catch me!!!)


CW ,
I agree completely.
My wife cant believe the crap I watch. As long as it is sport.
Fortunatly I get to watch most live late at night waiting for her to get home form work.
IN Europe the riders have the right of way on the road. Nothing like Oz were I even find myself getting the ****s with the amount of road taken up by cyclists.Wagga currently has a few riders over in Europe at the moment.
Most leave when 16+ to go over there and try their luck.
I ride to work mostly now so have taken a little more interest now more than normal.


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not just NZ, they do them through all sorts of countries. big in the US as well, they do them here as well. there was one in Tasmania not long ago.

But yes they are crazy

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Had a mate at school that was heavily into cycling, jan Ullrich was his favourtie, we used to give it too him about the Drugs

Think Mata is refering to the Southern Traverse race they have over here, goes for about 3-4 days through the Southern Alps

A fella i went to school with does all that advernture racing professionally now, goes quite well. Another one we have anually over here is the Coast to Coast, from the west coast of the south to the east coast of the south, starts with a short run, then onto the bike, long mountain run, long kayak down the river then onto the bike to finish it, top guys do it in about 8-9 hours i think. he has won the 2 day version of that race and has placed top 5 in the 1 day now
Those eco challenge races they used to have would be pretty tough as well. They went for about a week I think with the teams racing 24 hours a day.


Guy Leach does a few of those eco challenges and yes , they look farken tough.
I know the challenges you speak of CW. I am in a team at the moment , where I sit, the little girl changes channel and the missus goes for the beers. Im looking for a new beer grabber as the missus is starting to let the team down.


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give her a chance earl, might be just a temporary lapse in form, just get her training a bit harder and i'm sure she'll come good

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