Latham quits.

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First Grader
Latham quits politics
January 18, 2005
FEDERAL Opposition Leader Mark Latham has quit as Labor leader because of health problems.

He made the announcement at a press conference at Halloran Park, in Ingleburn, in Sydney's south-west this afternoon.

Mr Latham also announced he would quit politics.

Mr Latham had been under growing pressure to end speculation over the leadership, sparked by last week's announcement he was suffering from a second bout of pancreatitis.

"A number of colleagues have asked me to address the uncertainty concerning the Labor leadership," Mr Latham said.

"While I had planned to reassess things at the end of my leave period on the 26th of January, the ongoing speculation is damaging the party and needs to be dealt with now.

"(My family's) conclusion is that I should look after my health and pursue a normal life outside of politics.

"Therefore I've decided to resign both as Labor leader and Member for Werriwa."

His decision follows a flurry of comments by senior Labor figures.

Former Labor leader Kim Beazley's office said today he might make a statement on his leadership aspirations later today if Mr Latham quit due to ill-health. Mr Beazley's office said any statement would depend on what Mr Latham did.

"If Mr Latham says something then we'll do something," a spokeswoman said.

Mr Beazley has been touted as a replacement by NSW Premier Bob Carr and Queensland Premier Peter Beattie, following concerns over Mr Latham's future.

Mr Carr said he expected Mr Latham to quit today following his second bout of pancreatitis.

Mr Beazley would not comment on the speculation this morning.

"There's nothing to discuss," Mr Beazley told ABC radio.

Asked if he might have something to say later today, he said: "I'm not sure about that, but if there is I'll let you know. No worries, you won't be left out in the dark."

Its a shame he's sick.......I suppose now the Labor movement can become a real oposition!
At the very least it should stop the bull**** anti-Latham and pro-Latham posturing that has been a running pain of this site. I feel sorry for the man but am glad his name won't be popping up around here very often.

Sounds harsh but i will qualify that statement by saying any one can discuss anything, however I request that the topic clearly says what we are looking at. That way we can decide if we want to read it. Probably all too serious on my part but half the topics end up being hard comments against byso for leaning way to the right and attempts at clever responses. Set up an anti-byso post if that is what you want, it will make my life a fraction easier :)
MB quietly gets off his soapbox and leaves....
You better run

cant say i wanted to see latham quit but the way his health is it had to happen. Hopefully everyone backs beazley
MB that's a fair call. I've been guilty of basking in the Labor party's pathetic mess.

I regard this site to handle differing opinions more freely. I personally don't mind a carve up. I do give as good as I get…..generally. I've got a thick hide.

But I also gather that there's a few here who don't like to see scattered political barbs throughout the footy forum. So therefore we should try to keep it to the Social forum.

I don't really take any of the barbs personally, I would expect others feel the same way and I really don’t care what political party people follow. So I don't take it that seriously. I enjoy a joust which is generally accepted in good humour by all who contribute.

I personally like the joust no-matter what the topic. Were mature adults and can handle more than "other sites". Maybe this is what separates AE from "other sites".
MB's point though is that the argument invades posts about other things which is a fair enough comment.

It must get annoying to have a thread on our backline prospects for this year shanghied into a discussion of Latham's pancreus.
Which is what I stated.

Generally these discussions are shanghied by you, myself and CW when he's around. We shall learn to play nice :wink:
Bad mata.

Now go and sit in the corner and think about what you have done.

I saw latham on the news and he looked awful. It may be that its the cancer he had a while back reappearing. Hopefully not, but he looked to me like ha may have had some Chemo.
He was pressured to resign by his own peers. They didn't want to back him up during his time of need. The Labor party shafted him.
Now we can just be anti Beazley or Rudd. However it may be... i dont care :twisted:

Too be honest. Im a huge fan of Beazley and howard is losing my support with persisting with the war in Iraq when its obviouse its needed in Asia to help those poor people. The one great thing about latham was he said he'd bring our troops home. I hope Beazley holds the same hope.
He was pressured to resign by his own peers. They didn't want to back him up during his time of need. The Labor party shafted him.
Its so good to know that bi-so the lib is a major labor party player and has all the inside info.

Your a long way off the mark - I know too many people in the labor party these days.
Floppy so why did the labor stooges the night before demand Latham to make a decision for the good of the party and you dont see to many Labor poly's upset by his you!
Good discussion.

I know plenty of people in the Labor party and they have a number of problems. At the branch level there is a constant fight between moderates who see the world as it really is (influenced by business, the need to have profits to pay for anything, middle of the road australian thinking etc) and the far left who remember the struggle for workers rights of 30+ years ago and want everything to come under government control and any form of profit is a no-no. Fortunately the moderates hold sway but only just.

I was wondering about Beasley. IMO he should have got off his arse and done some exercise and showed restraint in his eating habits if he wants us to take him seriously. The problem for Labor is finding someone else who could do the job. Rudd is a possibility but he seems to lack the killer instinct like Keating. Maybe Kim could be like a BK1 and show leadership, bring together a team of a lot younger people and then see who rises to the occasion. I would prefer that the baton was passed to someone from GenX as we oldies need to let someone else have a go. Time for some fresh thinking and a new direction.
Actually the labor polly's i know where quite upset - but the decsision was known the night before by many. Do you really think beazley can write a speech in a few minutes???

And its not my mum, she has nothing to do with policitcs. I know a female member in state, know quite well a member of staff for a federal member and know a few council members all of whom belong to the labor party. I have been to branch meeting but i suppose that doesnt count - its only what the media say thats actually true.

BTW byso not everyone in the libs wants to shag little jonny either, their are some who want him out but at least they keep it to their meetings and the senior members dont jump at 15 minutes of fame. ( I also know a young libs member)

Dont be suprised if Rudd does not run against beazley, he wants his 15 mins of fame but also supports beazley. The Far lefty victorian guy is expected to run though.
Good post MB

Now I know why i'm on a hiding to nothing most of the AE Labor conga liners are somehow aligned with the labor party :p
The plot thickens Fluffy. That's all good, your comment regarding JH doesn't surprise. I'd say many younger up and comers would become frustrated.

The Labor movement knows NOTHING about team work to busy looking over there own shoulders while stabbing the poor bastard in front of him in the back.

It's been the case since Keating knocked over Hawk. imo.

I dont personally know any politicians. So I cant say I've been brainwashed to blindly follow any party "for life" (thats not a crack at you fluffy). I go by what I see, read and hear.
I go by what I see, read and hear

The media are extremely biased at times byso - you only find out what they want you to know.

I get to read all that as well and get the inside info. And i am not a member of the labor party, just know quite a few, and a lib or 2 as well. One lib and one labor persons i know follow politics so strongly that it would put all of us to shame if it were a football club. They know everything about both parties pretty much. (not suprisingly the lib guy is filthy stinking rich, nice guy though).
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