Late injury news
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Although I don't have much time for Chad, he is twice the player Scott & Brett Fulton were. Igor is pretty close to Arko, Zorba & Bozo and is on the Board of the Leagues Club with Des so he is pretty close to the main players but surely he wouldn't be picking the side like Bozo did.
There is no question "Zoolander" randall can play, he has shown that in the past. But needless to say he hasnt performed anywhere neer what he has shown in past seasons. Id take Dunley off the bench and willow early on with the tough defence any day at the moment!

The Full strength Dragons pack showed we need a bit more starch in the front row .
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Surely indeed. Agree that Chad is more talented than both the Fultons put together. The unfortunate thing that there are more effective hookers around the joint.
Williamson hasnt been playing too well lately either. Id imagine that Stewart will be putting alot of pressure on Randall Willow and Harris in the next few weeks. I cant believe hes not in the squad.
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Willo hasnt been getting much game time - his position is starting hooker and covering most positions for injury - thats his value.
yeah well thats my point. Glen Stewart is pressing on those sorts of players. As he can play 80 minutes.
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If you drop willow we dont have much cover for our backs.

Willo and Dunley can cover every position bar prop. We need that for when players get injured ie terry hill round 2
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Menzies can cover the backs, and if i'm not mistaken he moved to centre when tezza got injured
nah i dont like thinking like that. IF someone gets injured Willow is useful. If there all fit? Stewart would be more useful.

Willows impact havent been great as of late. Id start him at hooker and Chad GOORNE.
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I hope he is back soon. We lack class out wide without him. Potential tryscoring wingers in Duck and Hicks are not getting the opportunities. Anyone who saw Hoppa's try against the Warriors will know what I mean. Neither of the current centres can attract a defender, set up a winger and release the ball to him in space!

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