Last nights games

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UFO Hunter
What's everyones thoughts?

I watched both clashes and I reckon the Cowboys / Broncos game was 1 - 2 steps higher in intensity than the melbourne / tigers game. Melbourne looked a little flustered and the tigers looked pretty good actually, better than I had expected.

Broncos started slow and picked it up but there was always the impression that the cowboys would win it.

Jatz Crackers

First Grader
Qld game was a better spectacle. Enjoyed it.

We best be careful when playing the Tigers next week. Sheens has done his usual thorough job on the Tigers tackling and play the ball.

If they produce the same result, of slowing our play the ball while playing theirs at lightning speed they will have our attack frustrated and our defence turned around & on the backfoot from the beginning.

Hamstead had a preety poor, inconsistent game.


Journey Man
It did my impression that the Cowboys will take the big prize this year no harm. They may have lost some of their backs from last year but Henry and company look solid. Their pack and depth is awesome and once Faumuina finds his feet it is going to be a nightmare having blokes like Bowen and Thurston running off his offloads down the left hand side. Smith is a steadying influence.

I thought Inglis looked likely to do something everytime he had the ball. Perhaps Lyon will do the same for us?


UFO Hunter
The Hamster had a ****en shocking game. Let about a million high tackles go and kept pulling up decent play the balls. Mind you, he was losing it towards the end of last season too. Anybody who talks to themselves on the football field is a crackpot.


UFO Hunter
However, I'm not so confident of my 490,000 purchase of Israel Folau in VRL anymore... although he looked like he could be something.


UFO Hunter
Yeah I know. I was doing the usual drive the price up and force pyro's out of the bid. then i would drop the price once he had retracted his bid... however, the time limit popped up just as I was about to drop him back to 150 odd thousand. Left me very short.

Also, in your work comp I was under the impression of a 4 million cap. Ended up being just 3 and a half. cut myself short their two players. My fingers are crossed on a season of no injuries.


I hope Israel gets injured as i badly wanted him and i was a major factor in that price getting to 490k hahaha

Just kidding mate


I kept yelling at the TV for Ben Ikin to shut the f*ck up as he annoyed the piss out of me. Don't know what I will do when Ikin & Gould are on together........ Anyone know of a good TV repairman???????


UFO Hunter
Gus was up to his usual **** last night.

He honestly loves to see people break the rules and get away with it, but he blows up when a penalty is given with is 100% correct and fair. there are no words to describe how full of **** he is.


Journey Man
Tigers and the storm started poorly and looked in all sorts in the first 15 or so. As the game progressed they atarted to settle and look like decent teams.

I didnt rate inglis' performance very highly, had it not been for Smith they would have struggled big time. He will no doubt improve but he needs to work on his passing game, at the moment his strentgh is running and you can predict that easily enough. Lyon passing game is a bit better i think (and hope). The kid is only 20 so has plenty of time to get it together.

The queenslanders game was of far better quality and pace, both look to be a fair way up although the loss of webke really hurt brisbane, petrol tried but he needs some help. Jane Carlaw makes King look very good


First Grader
Cowboys were impressive however I can not say they are favourites for the title after 1 game, and only 2 premiership games in total.

Its not won in week 1.


First Grader
The Qld game was certainly the better quality game. I agree with the comments re Hamster. The Tigers held down way too long, too much headhunting and the play the ball penalties were a joke. At Leichhardt we'll certainly have to be sharp, be dominant in the tackles and hold the line when marshall runs laterally. Fatowerra looked dangerous. The Tigers faded towards the end but probably should have been ahead by the sixtieth minute. It certainly looks like all the new boys were targetted last night in all games and this led to the problems for Brisbane, to many of them on at one time. Those littleguys for the Cowboys created havoc (I backed them to win). Brisbane always look big and cumbersome early in the season and need games to get their act together but having said that two of their tries were very soft. I thought Lyon would have a great time slicing through Smith. What I thought the games both highlited was that to win, teams need a settled half and 5/8 combination.


I kept yelling at the TV for Ben Ikin to shut the f*ck up as he annoyed the piss out of me. Don't know what I will do when Ikin & Gould are on together........ Anyone know of a good TV repairman???????

But how good is Tommy Raudonikous's comments... he is a legend


Journey Man
I kept yelling at the TV for Ben Ikin to shut the f*ck up as he annoyed the piss out of me. Don't know what I will do when Ikin & Gould are on together........ Anyone know of a good TV repairman???????

Ikin wasn't so bad, it was the other hee haw Queenslanders (Walters and Gilbert) with their north of the border accents that drove me up the wall. And Roudonakis is hardly insightful.

How funny was the look on gould's face at half time when they mentioned the DVD in the Telegraph (News Ltd paper) and he just ignores it and talks about something else.

The war was won (by the other side) ten years ago Phil!! :bdh:


Winging it
Gould's gotta go. I really appreciated the Qld game just 'cos he wasn't calling it. And Tommy should stick to watching.

The Bronc's just weren't on their game and were disappointing. Late first half I thought they would go on and win but the Cowboy little men just kept dancing all game.

Storm certainly didn't look like Premier faves on that effort but a long season to go. Tiges are going to give headaches this year as out wide they have good speed.
Team P W L PD Pts
14 11 3 103 26
14 10 4 118 24
14 10 4 78 24
15 9 6 161 20
14 8 6 60 20
14 7 7 63 18
14 7 7 37 18
15 8 7 -8 18
14 7 7 -50 18
13 7 6 -55 18
15 7 7 28 17
14 6 8 -55 16
15 6 8 -47 15
14 5 9 -112 14
14 4 10 -71 12
14 4 10 -121 12
13 3 10 -129 10
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