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Lack of respect!

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by winnyason, Apr 19, 2012.

  1. winnyason

    winnyason Well-Known Member

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    I have had enough of the lack of respect from that mob called the dogs.
    Fans on this forum acting as eagles fan with signing news(bull****).
    Then onto there club, the underhanded tactics of greenturd to bring des over and the rest is appauling, the way he went about it is not how we do things in rugby league he has no idea about the culture of the sport or tradition. coaches change all the time bennett example or brain smith/mick hagan change.
    But it was up front mid season, not 2 days after a grand final win. No doubt that scumbag got out of hasler the get out clauses, it is all underhAnded.
    This bloke has no idea of first the dogs culture, family club strong local junior with a mix of imports. look at there top 17, all poached and over paid by this goose turner, keating, morris, hodgkinson, stagg, graham, ennis the list goes on. Got rid out bobcat ryan, luke pattern he has no idea.
    The unwritten respect law between manly and canterbury bullfrog and arko came up with this, i cannot recall manly breaking it do we? todd greenberg.

    The t shirt is the last straw enough is enough, the arrogance is pathetic.
    Our club will always be stronger, blokes want to follow hasler then be certain because in particular foran, if you go expect a barrage from eagles fans and i will find it hard to support him for rest of season if he goes. i have had enough of the negative vibe for the last 6 months.
    Manly fans get to anz and show support for the boys and our club to this virus know as the bulldogs.
  2. Haz88

    Haz88 Active Member

    +86 /0
    The dogs can F**K them selves.

    That is all
  3. ManlyBacker

    ManlyBacker Winging it Staff Member

    +972 /7
    *Yawn* They are a club like any other. Keep stoking your outrage but I'm seriously over it.
  4. Mark from Brisbane

    Mark from Brisbane Living the dream Premium Member

    +19,621 /383
    Really did we expect anything different???

    There's some decent Dogs supporters (you may not agree but I know a few who are just league nuts like we are and go back to the old Caterbury Bankstown days), but the majority are absolute wankers....and after what's happened over the last 6 months it's to be expected!!

    I suggest you don't lose sleep over it, there's more important things in your life than this!!
  5. DYEagle

    DYEagle Active Member

    +39 /6
    We have won 2 Premierships in the past 4 years. They are jealous of our success!
  6. HappilyManly

    HappilyManly MWTS Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

    +19,022 /367
    Agree with Winnyason.

    Had Manly printed 'Don't be a Dog,Be Manly' pre-match,
    it would have had the media schreeching 'Arrogant Silvertails!' on the front pages.

    So it is irritating to the Manly Fans that we have to contantly 'turn the other cheek'.

    Let's hope that our Forwards fire up for our return to the Manly GF ground:p
  7. Eagles Terrorist

    Eagles Terrorist Active Member

    +32 /0
    If you want to fire the boys up, just hang that Bulldogs t-shirt in our dressing room. That's all the motivation they should need.
  8. Eagle1188

    Eagle1188 Active Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

    +194 /12
    The t-shirt gig is just a smoke screen to take the attention away from the cracks that are starting to appear in the dogs pen, not all dog supporters are happy to have a Manly legend coaching them (I know if we ever employed a ex dog player as coach I'd tear the grand stands down), has anyone noticed that there isn't any talk of the Ennis/ Reynolds scuffle (what's up Ritchie, don't like talking about your teams problems). gutter-berg will be sh#ting bricks as these cracks get bigger and harder to hide, can't wait for the sh#t to hit the fan
  9. Dan79

    Dan79 Active Member

    +71 /0
    Ladies. Do you understand how this game works? The opposition including trolls are looking for a response. They feed off you getting emotional and angry. So threads about signings, mass walkouts (how many have walked this year?), division in the camp is about creating hysteria.
    Every time you create a thread about the same rubbish, You show weakness. Just chill out and don't bite at all the bait out there. Stop worrying about next year. We have an untried coach at the beginning of his career. He may fail, he maybe the best coach ever. The club is turning around its financial position. You know we will lose players, you know we can buy players if we have to. We may not win the premiership this year, but you know nobody gave the club a chance last year.

    Think twice before posting something controversial. Think three times if it is going To be abusive
    Fill your glass at least half full and cheer up. Don't give the trolls satisfaction. it is not that hard
  10. Mark from Brisbane

    Mark from Brisbane Living the dream Premium Member

    +19,621 /383
    That, in my opinion, is the post of the year...to date!!

    110% spot on, and believe me I learnt my lesson the hard way as well....I have them all on ignore now, and just don't get involved.

    AND tt's done wonders for my blood pressure levels!!
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