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I know all those Labour supporters have failed to bring this up lately so i thought I would:

LABOR'S business adviser Rod Eddington has refused to say if he supports the party's industrial relations policies, including the abolition of Australian Workplace Agreements (AWAs).

The opposition has been criticised by the Government for failing to consult Sir Rod, a former British Airways chief, before it released the policies, which are now being "finetuned".

Sir Rod today refused to say if he supported the policies, which include the scrapping of AWAs and the abolition of the Office of the Australian Building and Construction Commissioner.

"You can't be an adviser and a commentator," he said on ABC Radio.

"You've got to decide which you are. I'm an adviser, so I'm not a commentator."

Sir Rodd said he did not regret taking on his role as Labor's business adviser. Any stresses involved had been minor compared to being on duty at British Airways headquarters during the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the US.

"I have to say, nothing in my life has ever come close to the heartburn that goes with that, least of all what's happened here in the last month," he said.

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Heard this guy on the radio tonight and he is principled, reckoning it best not to comment when he is paid by the party. (Pity Alan Jones doesn't have the same scruples!)

I will wait till the end of the year to discuss these things. Political debate here, as in most places, is simply people with existing biases defending and promoting their positions.

I would be interested though in people's personal anecdotes relating to AWAs and State Awards etc


UFO Hunter
Its hard isn't it.

My GF got her AWA the other week. Its nothing but good.

But I imagine it depends on who you work for though.


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oh if it were only that simple. and before you arc up Byso I have never voted Labor in my life, good worker or not AWAs are bent in favor of employers

The Gronk

Yeah good workers with good bosses won't have problems no matter what the system. Its the young people and unskilled workers that will get screwed.

My wife has had to bring in AWAs for all her staff to get rid of penalty rates to keep up with the competitors who have done the same. There are now no penalty rates even for working on XMAS day. She didn't want to do it but had to do so to stay competitive. She is looking forward to it all being changed back.


I haven't recieved public holiday loading since the Xmas/Boxing Day public holidays, and when the company is asked about it the answer is, we're working out whether you are still entitled to it or not, I'm out about $2,500 so far, all other penalty rates are getting paid as normal.

The last bloke who mentioned contacting the union had the CEO show up at 11pm (a 120km round trip) and demand his resignation on the spot.

Great stuff. :roll:

The Gronk

To promote REASONED discussion:

So here is a graph comparing this year's polls to the last two election years where labor was ahead for a while, and then fell behind by the time of the election. To me this time it looks like labor is much further ahead, and so it is much more likely that Howard won't be able to claw back the lead this time. Thoughts?


UFO Hunter
The one thing that I don't agree with the howard government is the new work choices. I can see that he is trying to boost the economy by helping small business ect but the problem is everyone can see that he is doing it by leting companies piss in the face of their workers.

It does depend on who you work for but nobody should have to be scrapped of penalty rates and so on.

Rudd is an exact copy of QLD premier peter beatie. He is a media figuer. looks good in front of the camera so people naturally just believe what he says.

However, if he can do everything howards government has done, and if he doesn't go and spend the entire surplus of money and if he can changed IR laws back to state controlled awards than that is fine by me.

But I don't think Howard will get this next election. He's pissed on the little guy to much this time.

The Gronk

Yeah cant disagree with any of that mate.

I reckon you would go good as one of those newspaper columnists. I would definitely pick up a paper with a headline like-

"Howard: He's pissed on the little guy too much"


For me it's just a case of a change.

All pollies are the same if you ask me.... I don't think much will change in Australia if Rudd is elected.. I KNOW not much will change if Howard is selected.. Therefore, i'd be willing to have a gamble on Rudd.

There are a number of issues that I would like to see addressed Climate change etc. But for me it's the guys in Iraq. I'd like to see them out of there... too many innocent people are being killed over there.

I don't think they'll get out anytime soon with Howard in.. Maybe with Rudd they will.. that's why i'm willing to have a shot with Rudd.

I agree with Flip too... the similairites between Rudd and Beattie are there but your on your own when you say they look good in front of the camera :p

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