Kylie has cancer


Journey Man
Kylie minoque has has just announced she has breat cancer.

Can anyone else see another holy valance episode in the media??


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Alot of women have had breast cancer... Anastacia had it.

Hang on, Holly Valance had it? I though it was Delta that had a form of cancer...

But a bugger nonetheless. My aunt had cancer in the lymph nodes in her arm originally. They got rid of that. Then a few years later they found she had ovarian cancer. She died 2 years after... pretty much starved to death... wouldn't have lasted much longer even if the cancer didn't get to her brain. Wondeful woman though.

Anyways... doesn't matter who it is. Cancer is horrible. Just the problem is certain people getting the aww poor you treatment while others don't matter!

The Wheel
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That is terrible news for kylie - she is one of my favourites.

Luckily I didn't buy a ticket for he upcoming tour.


Winging it
One of the girls at work was quite upset, especially as the tour was postponed.

I figured they must be mighty small lumps, more likely to have colon cancer (MB takes over from Fluffy :blaugh: )


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What is this? New Idea?

Fluffy becomes AE's version of MonasMandy. Our resident gossip columnist. :blah: :blah:


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Sad news, Matabele has no heart never mind him........ ;)
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What is this? New Idea?

Fluffy becomes AE's version of MonasMandy. Our resident gossip columnist. :blah: :blah:

Let's just hope he doesn't put a photo of himself in his sig.


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And how Fluff shoudln't...

I'd like him to... Get to see my fluff when I'm on here too! That'd be great!

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Belinda Emmett had cancer too, a recurrence of the original cancer from a few years back. A terrible thing.

I went to a funeral of a mate who died last week of melanoma - am waiting for an overdue lump that went to pathology after a visit to the skin specialist???? :shock:


Journey Man
Hope its nothing CW, but its good to get it checked early.

And yeah i think you right hopium, it was delta not holy - they all seem the same to me - neighbours and the singers and all. Guess holy better get checked out - seems to be a link there

Kiwi Eagle

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Geez Fluff,2 l's in Holly mate.

To be a worthy gossip columnist you must get the name correct

All the best to her,after watching my uncle die 2 years back I know what it can be like


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Ok! Everyone to Witchery (chic clothes store) to buy the ovarian/breast cancer research support ribbons!!!!

Get the ovarian... that type of cancer is a death sentence... you have up to 5 years to live (and it's not a good life)

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