Kurtley Beale charged with drink driving



When will these footballers ever learn.

Rising Australian rugby star Kurtley Beale has reportedly pleaded guilty to drink driving while unlicensed.

Beale, who is expected to make his Super 14 debut for the NSW Waratahs in Johannesburg this weekend, was charged by Mt Druitt police last month after blowing twice the legal limit, the Seven Network reported.

He pleaded guilty to the charge and was fined $1500.

Beale, who turned 18 this month, was still a juvenile when he was charged. The Waratahs told Seven they could not confirm the story.

Beale has long been touted as a future Wallabies star and has been mentioned by Australian coach John Connolly as a possible bolter for this year's World Cup squad.

After excelling in the schoolboy and club ranks, the five-eighth was expected to make the step up to Super 14 this weekend when the Waratahs travel to South Africa for their first game of the season against the Lions in Johannesburg.

Waratahs officials tonight confirmed Beale would travel with the team to South Africa, but declined to comment on the story, saying the player was a juvenile when he was charged.

The Waratahs were also unable to confirm whether or not Beale had been disciplined by the Super 14 club.


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Just hope he learns from it and we dont see these headlines for him on a regular basis.

As Connelly said he is young and kids do stupid things like this. I know I was a idiot and drove on a number of occasions after I had a gutful of piss, thankfully I did not injure or kill anyone.


leave the poor bastard alone- he was in high school when it happened- please don't tell me that you guys think he should have the same amount of common sense as guys playing in the Super14 or NRL FFS- he was playing school boy rugby.
Stupid yes- but how many of you out there have taken a risk like that when you were his age?????
Give him a break it's the first time I've heard of him doing anything stupid.


I agree 100% pj,
It took me losing my license for 12 months to realise I shouldnt drink and drive. Imagine how many people would have been telling him how good he is , what a star he will be. That can lead to one ****ed up mind and also lead to doing stupid things. If thats the worst he did , then FFS get over it.
Loved, I think Fitzy on Back page the other night. Reckons recreational drugs n sport is knowones business. He asked how many on the panel would fail a drugs test. They all said they would pass. When asked himself he straight out said he would fail the test miserably. I love a bloke who doesnt hide who he is from the public.

The Wheel

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Another Andrew Walker? Hopefully he is well guided going forward - he will only start to feel the heat of wine/women & song now he has made professional footy at the top level. Also as the money starts to roll on he will be under a lot of pressure from his 'cousins' to share the joy.

He obviously can play footy, good luck to him but it is not a great start
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