Post-Game Discussion Knights v Manly [Round 13, 2023]

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Sea Eagles
28 McDonald Jones Stadium
28 May 2023 16:05
80:00 minute

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Its ridiculous you have to play a side without your best players though. Should never happen
Look at the Broncos mate. It is possible with the correct retention and recruitment. Cooper johns and Jake Arthur... oh and apprently we were signing kyle Flannagan. Say no more.


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Wasn't expecting much, 6 tries to three, some controversy, Hastings boot stopped it being a blow out.

My biggest gripe is with Ponga, him not scoring cost me a multi of $100...

In seriousness though. Shows how valuable our skipper is. Our kicking game and speed of play was woeful.

Schu..... A long way to go... Is good enough though. Fainu was the pick of the young guys.


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Well we never deserved to win that today
We were never close that scoreline by the knights was kind to us.

Yes we got done by the ref but we didn't make it easy on ourselves just dumb selections all week cost us.

Shows how far josh has to go today didn't have his best game at all.

Even with everything going against us today knights should of been beat today they were there for the taking.

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Very hard to beat nc with thier best player in yellow and friends in the bunker disgusting, not to mention no DCE turbo Jurbo and even Nuevo
We were never going to be allowed to win
We won all our state of origin matches last year did we not. No DCE. No Turbo. No shoe No Jake.

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Mixed bag, gutsy with the ball in hand but very ordinary with it, most of them weren’t interested in any effort off the ball

If DCE plays, we win comfortably

Johns is woeful, and Seibold can have a huge piece of the blame pie for firstly picking him then leaving him on so long

Rorted by the refs, never a clearer example than Garrick held down for an age then we got pinged next set for nothing. Did a hell of a job defensively to stay in the fight considering the possession and field position

Koula had a day to forget, but that ruling was an absolute joke, if Ponga got hit in the head at all, he wouldn’t get back up. And they try that followed, we may have stripped it, but he still made contact with it after that action into a Manly arm

Olakau’atu had a really bludge today, big bandaging but he had no interest in running the ball. Compare him to Fainu who went looking for it


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I’m sorry weekes is not a first grade fullback. He’s possibly a 14 maybe. He’s not up to standard at all. Cooper Johns is not up to it either. Sorry, tried hard but he’s not up to standard. Defence was much better in the second half when Arthur was on. In some parts of our attack it seriously looked like we had literally put this team together from complete strangers. Schuster running around backwards, players not running proper angles. It was a rabble today. Which I guess is fair enough when we’re missing the players we were but why can the good clubs just bring the next man in and it works.

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We had opportunities in the second half but our attack was completely stagnant - seriously some of the worst sets with the ball I've seen from a Manly team. Seemed like everybody was waiting around for Schuster to do something special, which he can't do if everybody else is standing still. So we didn't deserve the win.

That said, it really did feel like we wouldn't be allowed to win regardless. That sin bin for Koula was an absolute joke. If it was any player other than Ponga, it's not a penalty, let alone a sin bin. But the decision after that one to award the Knights a try when the ball was clearly propelled forward before being knocked back, was spectacularly bad. Hard not to think the fix is in when the referee does the right thing and sends it up as a "no try", and the idiot in the the bunker watches it once and says, "Try!"

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