'Kiwi Roots', NZ SoO

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'Kiwi Roots', NZ SoO


Auckland, New Zealand, July 13, 2007 – ‘Kiwi Roots’ was today launched as the showpiece of the biggest competitions overhaul in New Zealand rugby league history.

Designed as New Zealand’s equivalent of State of Origin football, it will be a one-off north v south-styled annual battle using the Bombay Hills as the geographic divide.

Set to be staged for the first time on October 4 next year – the eve of the National Rugby League’s grand final – the concept has already won backing from several NRL clubs approached so far.

“This is enormously exciting for rugby league in this country,” said New Zealand Rugby League chairman Andrew Chalmers.

“The ‘Kiwi Roots’ innovation will give us an ingredient that has been missing at the top end of the game.”

National director of football Graham Lowe said ‘Kiwi Roots’ would involve players from the NRL, the English Super League and those based in New Zealand.

“The NRL clubs I have spoken to all support the idea of their New Zealand-eligible players being involved in our origin match,” he said.

An exhaustive survey has culminated in a new five-year national competitions format as the NZRL continues its major reforms for the sport.

“Apart from the Kiwis, ‘Kiwi Roots’ will provide the pinnacle of achievement in a competitions structure that needed to be revamped as part of our process for change,” said Chalmers.

“The focus is on growing the base of rugby league and the pathway for domestic talent.”

The arrival of ‘Kiwi Roots’ is complemented by the introduction of the National Club Competition (NCC), an end of season contest to find New Zealand’s premier club.

“The NCC replaces the Bartercard Cup which we believe has reached the end of its run. It has been beneficial for the game but our research has shown it isn’t developing or growing as it was hoped it would,” said Chalmers.

The NZRL also announced zone representative fixtures are to be reintroduced as well as a domestic Kiwi trial.

The National Junior Competitions (NJC) for under-16 and under-18 players has been expanded to provide greater district participation, giving the best players a better chance to compete for spots in the Junior Kiwis. Aligned to this is an initiative to select a side comprising the best Australian-based age grade Kiwi players for a match against New Zealand-based equivalents.

The national competitions programme has been designed to culminate in all districts holding their national club grand finals on the same weekend next year to enable a flow through to the NCC and other related events.

The expanded programme would offer greater opportunities for players, coaches and managers across the board.

The NZRL presented its 2008-2012 National Football Competitions plan to representatives from the country’s district leagues and affiliates in Auckland today.

Confirmation of the final competitions format will be made in conjunction with the NZRL’s television and sponsor partners.

Could prove to be a top game. The Bombay Hills separate Auckland from the Rest of the country below

If the clubs let the players compete it could turn into a top game
'Kiwi Roots', NZ SoO

Interesting point

Probably not considered because of how many aussies there are in the Warriors side :p
'Kiwi Roots', NZ SoO

What date is the NRL grand final.

If that is before the NRL one than it will not happen.

It'll be the same as saying lets have the origin over rounds 20, 22, 24. Coaches will go nuts having some of their players out in a tough match right before a possible GF.
'Kiwi Roots', NZ SoO

[quote author=Matabele]

What happens if its a warriors/rabbits grand final!

Warriors/rabbits grand final. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

It won't happen in our lifetime.
'Kiwi Roots', NZ SoO

What happens if its a warriors/rabbits grand final!

at least there will be plenty of puns you could say about kiwis rooting like rabbits
'Kiwi Roots', NZ SoO

What happens if its a warriors/rabbits grand final!

at least there will be plenty of puns you could say about kiwis rooting like rabbits


50 million sheep in New Zealand will be happy as they would be able to take a rest for a while.
'Kiwi Roots', NZ SoO

Great concept but awful timing. Somewhere around SOO would've been better to coincide with the NRL byes. There's no way that NRL clubs will let their players go at finals time. They're shooting themselves in the foot.
'Kiwi Roots', NZ SoO

The date will be after both NRL and SL Grand Finals i would assume

No way clubs would release players for it at any time during the season, is hard enough to get them to release them for tests
'Kiwi Roots', NZ SoO

do many players even come fromthe sth island ??

It isn't a North v South Island, is basically Auckland and above v below Auckland

From where i live in the South currently Glenn Turner, David Kidwell, David Vaealiki, Setiamata Sa and Corey Lawrie. Asotasi, Whatuira, Hohaia are others that come to mind for the South, and i am guessing maybe the Cayless brothers and Pritchard etc may be farmed out to the south
'Kiwi Roots', NZ SoO

Why don't they call it Auckland vs the rest. Or city vs country? Might be a better chance of getting a genuine rivalry rather than "north of some hills" versus "south of some hills".
'Kiwi Roots', NZ SoO

North v South is the intense rivalry so guess they want to cash in on that

Someone has chucked togteher a couple of sides

1. Krisnan Inu(Auckland)
2. Manu Vatuvei (Auckland)
3. Iosia Soliola(Auckland)
4. Steve Matai(Auckland)
5. Misi Taleapapa(Auckland)
6. Jerome Ropati(Auckland)
7. Thomas Leuluai(Auckland)
8. Evarn Tuimavave(Auckland)
9. Terrence Seuseu(Auckland)
10. Roy Asotasi(Auckland)
11. David Fa'alogo(Auckland)
12. Adam Blair(Northland)
13. SBW(Auckland)
14. Greg Eastwood(Auckland)
15. David Solomona(Auckland)
16. Louis Anderson(Auckland)

1. Brent Webb(QLD)
2. Luke Covell(Sydney)
3. Paul Whatuira(Wellington)
4. Simon Mannering(Nelson)
5. Jake Webster(Melbourne)
6. Benji Marshall(Whakatane)
7. Ben Roberts(Sydney)
8. Nathan Cayless(Sydney)
9. David Faiumu(Wellington)
10. Sam Rapira(Waikato)
11. David Kidwell(Christchurch)
12. Frank Pritchard(Sydney)
13. Dene Halatau(Invercargill)
14. Jason Cayless(Sydney)
15. Lee Te Maari(Tokoroa)
16. Nathan Fien(QLD)
17. Rangi Chase(Dannyvirke)
'Kiwi Roots', NZ SoO

Judging by the talent in these sides it is poor that we have only one player.

I think that Manly could well do to buy some young players from NZL and hopefully find the next eastwood or BW.
'Kiwi Roots', NZ SoO

We did set up some sort of junior programme over here a couple of years back, Lowe was involved in it, unsure what has happened with that now

Other NRL sides spend a lot of time over here too, Brisbane and Melbourne had links with Aranui High, 1 of the top school sides from NZ, While the Bulldogs have a very strong link with Wellington
'Kiwi Roots', NZ SoO

Darryl Williams has some venture started to assist NZ based players break into NRL, that would suggest Manly may have 1st divvies on anyone good? Darryl is Manly through and through.
'Kiwi Roots', NZ SoO

In the 80s and 90s we seemed to be full off Kiwis, most, with the exception of Ridge, were crap, including Lowe.
'Kiwi Roots', NZ SoO

OK, and Williams was good for us as well. Don't even mention the Iro boys.

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