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Pretty good season i reckon, shame we couldnt go further, but we struck a red hot side, and we were down, but even at full form i think we would have struggled out there.

14 wins 12 losses, would be a long time since we won more than we lost. No real floggings this year, and the side never gave in which was a trait i admired the whole season

The highlights for me
The 2 wins over the Dogs, The defence vs the Warriors, Win over Melbourne, Comeback v Penrith and the win up in Newcastle

Loss to Canberra, Losing to the Eels with 13 v 12, Final game v Dragons

Areas to work on
Discipline is the main area here, Matai,Dunley and Burns the main culprits, along with King

Speed of the defensive line. We have to start meeting the opposition when they hit the ball up, we give far too many easy metres. On our own line we always struggle, and our opposition gets a free ride

Attacking options and variation. We dont seem to have enough good plays in this area. Have a look at the DRIZZLE videos and replicate some of their moves. From the scrum, it is always Matai or Hicks hitting up one out, why not try 2 passes wide, or leave Rose out of the scrum and give him a run or use him as a decoy

Attack inside the 20, far too much dummy half running. Spread it to the dangerous runners

Passion. With BK gone all the other lads have to lift in that area

My top 6 players of the year

Kennedy, Kite, Menzies, Matai, Stewart, Orford

The Players

Stewart- 8/10. Good season, another bagful of tries and working up a nice combination with Orford. Areas to work on Kick returns and also when he gets the ball and slides sideways towards the touchline and runs us out of space

Robertson- 7/10. The surprise packet of the season, not much thought of him when we signed but once he got his spot never gave it up. The everywhere man, saved us many times. Areas to work on, involvment mainly, would be great to see him more involved

Matai- 7.5/10. Huge improver this season. Always dangerous with the ball in hand, always looking for the hard work, Good hits. Seemed to have sorted his rushing out of the line problem. Worked up a very nice combo with Robbo. Probably our best player the last 4 games. Congratz on a 1st test jersey. Areas to work on, Discipline.

Bell- 7.5/10. Was easily our best to start the season, did some amazing work early on. Injuries destroyed the latter part of his season unfortunately. Area to work on, Involvement again, would like to see him get involved more

Hicks- 7/10. Was very quiet early on in the season but come on beautifully near the end. Wing probably not his best position but he is doing a fine job of it. Area to work on, Probably involvment again, also handling let him down at various times

Burns- 7/10. Did some very good things for us this season. Tackled like a pitbull, has a very nice step too. Good full rookie season. Areas to work on, Discipline, cut out the crap. Point of contact in tackle is often too high, and also offering more support in general play and kicking to Orford

Orford- 7.5/10. A real mixed bag. Really stood up in some games, notably Dogs at Brookie and Parra at SCG, while disappearing in some others badly. Good combo with Stewart and droppies under pressure. Areas to work on, Pressure games, time to consistently stand up, 5th tackle options were very poor at times, Variation in kicking games, attack inside the 20

King- 6/10. Was going well up til City/Country then was awful for a number of weeks. Started to get more involved and come right near the end, and was probably best prop last night. Areas to work on, Discipline, Involvement, get in and do the hard work consistently, fitmess, often walking after 2 mins of play, and leg drive, big frame but always goes backwards

Monaghan 7/10. Good season, we always looked well organised and better when he was on the park. Kicking game from dummy half was 1st class, took pressure off Orford, and kick chase is great too. Should have gotten more minutes. Areas to work on, Running from dummy half, he normally picks his spot well to do it, just needs to do it more often

Kite 8.5/10. Huge season from the big man. Really stood up and took us around the park by the scruff of the neck when BK was out. His game v the Dogs at Brookie was unbeleivable. Pushed BK hard for POTY award imo. Should get a spot in the OZ squad. Will lead out forwards well for many years. Area to work on, handling was about all i could come up with

Menzies 8/10. Another good season, great to see him back in the rep scene. The everywhere man, cleans up a lot of *censored*, best technical tackler in the comp imo. Proud of his effort in a beaten side last night. Beaver, never retire please. Areas to work on, not much, maybe just finsing some of that old spark in attack

Watmough 6/10. Very disappointing season by his standards. Did have some good games though. Could never fault his effort and enthusiasm though. Needs to really step back up to Origin form next season to cover the loss of BK. Areas to work on, Handling, running at a hole instead of straight at the man. Could use his pace to burst a gap rather than over the top.

Kennedy 9.5/10. What can you say about the man, Passion, Courage, Commitment, Dedication he has everything you would want in a player. POTY for the 2nd consecutive year. Thanx for doing what you have for our club BK, will never be forgotten, and good luck with your retirement, in the fruit shop market i beleive. Hope you are there to hold the trophy as we do a lap of the park when we win it, coz you went a long way to making that happen

Dunley 4/10. Had about 2-3 good games all year. Tried hard at all times. Areas to work on, Discipline, Tackling, Attacking Options, Attitude

Williamson 5/10. Tried hard, but just lacks impact anymore. Tackles like a machine and does some good cleanup when he gets a full 80. Des had to realise he is no longer a bench player. Areas to work on, making some sort of contribution to attack when on the park

Leuluai 5/10. Very disappointing season, full of injury and suspension. Did step up in the final few weeks. but would have been handy all season
Good luck in the UK Kylie, and thanx for a few good years here.

Bryant 6/10. Was a workhorse at the start of the season, career best form, but just fell away in the 2nd half of the season. Was very solid though and earnt a new contract. Area to work on, making a consistent contribution for the entire game, seems to fall away a bit near the end, and lowering his contact point in tackles

Rose- 7/10. 1 of the standouts of the year for me too. Always adds something to our attack when on and has quickly become a crowd favourite

The others

G.Stewart, always played well when given the chance. Hopefully more will come his way, probably has overtaken Williamson imo

Morewood, limited opportunities, but went reasonably well, was a solid enough backup when needed

Cuthberson, was played out of position imo, is not a front rower, and the coaching staff need to get him back into his rightful position and start giving him some confidence back, coz there is some talent there

Personal highlight for me was getting to a few game, and meeting about 8-10 of the players after the Dogs game at Brookie,and they were very welcoming. Was disappointed i couldnt find some of you clowns at the games though, will have to plan it better for next time, the surprise option was obviously no good

Bring on 2007, looking forward to next season already, hopefully we continue to go up. Lyon will add something to the side, and after the performance of Matai at the end of the season it would be hard to drop him, so maybe Lyon will be at 5/8

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Great post. Agree with what you say. I would be offloading Willo and Dunley and replacing with Ballin and Glenn Stewart. We need another Prop, a fitter more mobile Rose, and some damaging running second rowers with ball skills.

A lot of work is required but despite the disappointment it has been a good year. Next year's aim must be to win at least a semi!!!


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Fantastic post KE, agree with absolutely everything! Particularly agree with your wish for Beaver to never retire - I can't imagine a manly side without Beaver!!

From a kiwi perspective really looking forward to seeing Matai in the Black Jersey, his performances over the last month make it well deserved.

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Fantastic post KE, agree with absolutely everything! Particularly agree with your wish for Beaver to never retire - I can't imagine a manly side without Beaver!!

From a kiwi perspective really looking forward to seeing Matai in the Black Jersey, his performances over the last month make it well deserved.

Yep,will be awesome to see a Manly boy back in Black this year. Will be at the NZ v GB game and hope to see him smash that bald prick Senior a few times

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Kylie's form in the last two semis has been very good. Is he a chance for NZ? (I didn't think he would be a loss but I am changing my mind.)

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We are pretty well off in the prop department, but an outside chance coz i know the coach likes him

Wiki, Cayless, Cayless, Asotasi all ahead of him then in the UK there is Rauhihi, Vagana, Palea'aesina etc that he would be vying for a spot with


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I'd like to see glen stewart step up for one of the departed next season.

Gave a good effort in every chance and never let us down, he just needs more time. At the moment he's as good as king. Imagine after a full season of 1sts.

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