Kite and Witt can only get better!

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I've had the pleasure of watching replays of all the 2005 Manly games recently.

There's plenty of improvement to come from 2 of our top recruits.

Kite: His hard running is sensational, but I heard rumours that "his hands" are ordinary. Well it's true the amount of easy dropped ball is nothing short of amazing. This can only improve…..surely.

Witt: His defence is tops and he also offloads some great balls and his goal kicking is excellent. But I'm glad he's not our half back. His 5th tackle option kicking has been ordinary at times and hasn't seamed to add much in attack......yet!. I'm looking for a big improvement there.
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you could say the same thing about Jye mullane.

But seriously i do think these guys will improve. Witt is only 20 remeber and has only now been given a decent chance. I imagine his confidence was shot after Brian Smiths BS.
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Don't get me wrong there good players, just ponting out a few things.

and yeah Jye can only improve....if he gets in a Manly jumper in 2005!!


I reckon they'll both improve. Witt's options sound like a lack of experience of what to do in certain situations, so with coaching and game time he should improve. Also as confidence improves as we continue to win! :D

Kite, well I was never sure about Kite. I'd never really watched him play last year, but my bro assures me he is really good so. If its just ball skills he just needs to train on it harder, either that or he is a natural unco, which I doubt.
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He is a natural unco - it was holding him back for a while - then last year he finally got it together - im sure we can get him back to decent ball handling ability
and to think people wanted Witt at half and Monas at 5/8.

you should of been SHOT for thinking that :p
People seem to be forgetting that a much younger Witt carried a disintegrating Parra side for the backend of 2003. He is a talented player, shown himself to be an excellent goal kicker, provides another option for kicking (even if he hasn't fine-tuned it perfectly so far) and he can bloody tackle! I'm pretty happy with the bloke so far to be honest!

As for Kite - he is a hard runner, but having seen the old footage of Craig Smith and his lifted knees has made me a bit worried about some of Kite's running style. He runs hard, but to me it looked like he lifted his legs a little too high once or twice. Still, noone else has commented on it so far so looks like I'm just being paranoid in this case.
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i agree that it looks bad. I noticed that in the melbourne game a few times.

Im a little worried that its a bad habit thats creeping in.
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I would like to see Kite use his old team to fire himslef up - i think he has so much more in him.

Watmough and Dunley keep rising up the stakes for me - i think the dragons pack will tire and those 2 will run riot

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