kite and king

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kites injury looking a lot better this morning.king may be ok.great news if it works out although it will be a tired pack on sunday.

that means that 5 out of our 6 run on forwards(if you put king as run on in front of hecks)will have made rep sides.great reward for good aggressive defense.
yes lets hope they are ok and hope they can back up
King must have made the city side purely on the strength of Phil Gould writing nice things about him in today's Sun Herald.

It would be charitable to say that his effort on Friday night was "piss poor" along with most of his efforts this year.
crap mata - he was the best prop by miles - take off your "im with sue" glasses for one minute
King has been no beter han average since his return, no way he should have made that squad, Sharkies Gallon or what ever his name is should even be there before him.
Fluffy, you cannot be serious! He did bugger all in his first stint of 10 minutes and Heckenberg gave far more punch when he finally made it onto the field.

Then he did not return at all when the whips were cracking - only coming on to make a token appearance for the last 15 minutes or so where he made 3 or 4 reasonable runs, missed a couple of tackles and by then the game was all over red rover anyway.

King was missing on Friday night. What game were you watching?
no glasses talk from you fluffster.your credibility will only return to its admittedly low depths once you give away the "ref beat us"****.They scored 8 tries to 2 old boy and we were bashed .i sat 5 yards from the fence and it was men against boys.

i remember similar **** from you against the saints when they bashed us.combined losing margins of 52 points for the 2 games.dessie could have refereed both games and we would have got beat.

look to solutions,not embarrassing gripes over spilt milk.

You 2 are such comedians ans so huge.

It must have looked a lot different on the tele cause i saw kite get smashed, king made a few good runs then got injured.

To say 114m was "piss poor" is over the top.

I never said he should have made the city side - that is crap but he is doing better than being the worst prop to ever lace up a boot as you 2 say.

So Seymour is the best person to ever play the game

Here we go on the old exagerate thing

As for credibility Sue you have none - you have inside info and still get it wrong - seems impossible to manage to do that but some how you even f*ck that up.
ah yes.i remember now why i decided to lay off you a few months hijacking from an illiterate cost benefit in spurring you on.back to the bleaches for me.
84m of those came when the scoreline was 38-12 and the Broncos were thinking about next weekend.


even 30m was as much as the rest made - i dont get how you think he is Piss poor.

Sue - you start the hijacking - please go back to the bleachers - this site is far more intelegent and friendly when you are not around.

and i must be illterate with a uni degree and all
Mata is spot on Fluffy, King going missing after first 10 minutes because he had a sore finger and not returning till the game was over is hardly inspirational stuff, at least Kite stuck to it with injured shoulder and all, the first try came from King hanging behind the broncos attack crying over his sore hand.

Kings there on reputation, reputation for what is what im wondering, no question Gould is a huge fan after the Roosters chased him last year. Hes a good player when the team is on top and we are bashing the minnows, Beaver and Choc stood up when we got bashed , thats a class player, Kingy was watching on the monitors in the change room,

stick with blaming the ref! it was a better argument, at least the ref managed to stay on the field!
So you think King was "Piss poor" - therefore should be dropped to PL

your entitled to your thoughts but our whole front row was piss poor - stop singling out one player
King won't be dropped to P/L because we have no props as it is for the weekend. Being at the game and watching it live, King was ineffective early. True he did play the last 20 minutes strongely, he actually ran straight and hard for the first time this season but it was far to late then.
Its obvious to me that the opinion differs fromt hose who have watched it live and those who watched it on TV. On TV he came off as not playing too badly
It does certainly appear that way.

He definatly put in early taking 2 of the first 4 hit ups against a fired up broncos pack.

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