Kite and Choc Re-Sign

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Journey Man
Kite and Watmough re-signed with the Sea Eagles, Hicks to the Wolves
By Manly Sea Eagles

The Manly Sea Eagles today re-signed in form forwards Brent Kite and Anthony Watmough to long term contracts.

State of Origin and Test front rower Kite, who had an option for the 2008 season, has signed until the end of the 2011 season. The 26 year old is in his third season with Manly and in career best form. Kite is a Canberra junior and joined Manly from St.George Illawarra in 2005. Watmough is a Sea Eagles junior from the Narrabeen Sharks and will turn 24 next month. His new three year contract will take him through to the end of the 2010 season. He played his 100th first grade game for the club recently and said today he wants to be a one club player.

"I'm a Manly boy and don't ever want to play against the club. I have admired the way Steve Menzies has remained loyal and I would love to follow his example. I'm here now until the end of 2010 and hopefully for a few years after that. "The club is on the up and I want to win a premiership with my mates this year", Watmough said. Kite said he was delighted to remain a Sea Eagle. "It's a great place to live and a wonderful club. My appearances in representative football are evidence that I am being coached well and play for a strong club. Like the rest of the team I want a premiership,” Kite said.

Manly CEO Grant Mayer said the signing of Kite and Watmough was a great lift for the club as it entered the second half of the 2007 premiership as joint leaders. "The 2007 premiership is our immediate goal but we have looked to the future strongly with the signing of Kite and Watmough.

"They are ideal players to have long term as they are young but experienced and tried at the highest level. Together with the recent signing of backrower Glenn Stewart we have the basis of a strong pack going forward", Mr.Mayer said.

In other player movement at the Sea Eagles today winger Chris Hicks confirmed his two year signing with English Super League Club Warrington.

The 30 year old winger said he was reluctant to leave the Sea Eagles at the end of the season. "It is in reality the last contract I will probably receive and I am devastated to be leaving a club like Manly but I couldn't knock back the offer. And while I am excited at joining the Wolves I am determined to win a premiership ring with my mates come September. "I have only been at Manly for four seasons but I am proud to say they are my club and I want to return to live here,” Hicks said.


Journey Man
Pfft - why would I bother? I just learned that if I get info in the future, just to shut the hell up. It's not appreciated - just ripped to peices and integrity questionned.


Journey Man
Pfft - why would I bother? I just learned that if I get info in the future, just to shut the hell up. It's not appreciated - just ripped to peices and integrity questionned.

All the more reason to stick it up them I say.


Journey Man
I took a swoop at swoop. There were a few that calved me here as well, but meh...I'd assume they wouldn't offer any apologies, or they wouldn't be forthcoming..

I was accused of telling everyone over at MSE that I had inside gossip didn't I, and if I did the same here, I'd be pulled to shreds (were the words from memory - or something similar)?


First Grader
Excellent news.

I dont think I questioned you getting it correct however from memory I was critical as you were bagging the club a couple of months earlier for not progressing talks with these guys but then came on and said how you were impressed with how it was handled or something.

Anyway I never doubted Watmough would re-sign however I was concerned with Kite. Its great we have some dominant forwards signed for the next few years.


Reserve Grader
Hey Ryan, you & me! Everyone knocked us. Next time they won't scoff at us. Still surprises me it took 2 - 3 weeks for the club to announce the signings? The crap that the club sowed with regard to "media timing".


Journey Man
Media timing - trying ot drum up interest in the home game tomorrow perhaps.

Should have done it last week in that case.


Journey Man
Agreed Mellonhead. I'll always appreciate any info you have mate, but I learnt me lessons !!!

Ug, Ug, Ug.



Reserve Grader
Last Friday night had a lengthy discussion with Burns' mother. Reckons if Manly had offered the extra $90K a year he would have stayed. He was also guaranteed starting 6, but thats dependant on form. Even being a Qlder he's always been a Manly supporter and it was always his dream to play here. Seems like he & his family a very nice people, shame to see him go. I wonder why we didn't offer the extra $90K


Journey Man
Salaray cap maybe??

Considering the number i read was 180K that would place him well above monas price.


Journey Man
I guess we don't really LOSE much having Lyon at 5/8. I think it's actually a gain now.

PLUS, it gives Matai and Bell their preferred spots.

Burns departure makes it easier on 3-4 players.
If Burns was 5/8, Lyon would go to centre, meaning Matai?

If a backrower, then what backrower gets displaced.

He'll struggle at 5/8 like every other 5/8 has next to Thurston, as Thurston dominates the ball.

Hasn't anyone else noticed that every other 1/2 next to Thurston doesn't last?

Except Lockyer, but hey, I'll give him a little lattitude.

Chip and Chase

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Maybe they didn't think he was worth it.

By the way it's "carved" not "calved". That's what cows do when they give birth.

I'm sorry.
Why on earth did we sign Perry when we could have used that extra cash to sign Burns if we wanted him so badly? I'm a bit bewildered.


Journey Man
Maybe they didn't think he was worth it.

By the way it's \"carved\" not \"calved\". That's what cows do when they give birth.

I'm sorry.

This isn't the forum to hear stories about your Mum.


Journey Man
Keep 'em coming Corky.

LoL - Come on mate - do better than that. That's what I called YOU ! Life DOES go on you know.
I can just see little C&C. Leather Jacket on, walking down the street, holding his cool brothers hand.

:blaugh: :blaugh: :blaugh:

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