King's contract


King's contract

He may be the worst player ever to adorn the famous jersey, BUT, as he is studying law, perhaps he drew up his own contract stipulating that he puts up a piss poor effort every week, gets over $200,00 grand a year AND STILL never gets dropped. King ur a genius!!!!!

Never, ever again should he play first grade. No more excuses.
Hoenestly I have never seen a more insipped dislay than yesteday's.
Only Kennedy and Mattai were acceptable.....

1. Stewart
2. Steppa
3. Matai
4. Hicks
5. Alberts
6. Burns
7. Wtt
8. Bryant
9. Monas
10. Leu Leu
11. Watmough
12. Menzies
13. Kennedy

14. Dunley
15. Cuthbo
16. Hill
17. Williamson


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King's contract

Good to see you Cheech - member # 6! (one before me)

It's such a shame that we're talking about such a debacle as yesterday was.

I think it is a sure bet that King will be playing against the Warriors on Saturday night. PErhaps he should be booed as he runs onto the field?


King's contract

yeah mate...I'm more of a silent contributer... :lol2:

I refused to turn off the TV yesterday to just see how bad we really were.

Des has to take a lot of the blame here. Four weks from the semi's and he drops the 5/8th. Then replaces him with second rowers. I have never seen Menzies play 5/8th before this year. Should Burns get a go? Geezus,...even Mullane would have been better!!!!

Sport is as much about skill as it is passion and commitment. At the start of the year, we were playing with commitment. Watch the Melbourne game, they were clearly the better side, but we "toughed" it out and got the points. Where has this gone for the past nine weeeks?
I still think that losing the Penrith game this year was the turning point. They were absolutely discrafeul that nigh and they still beat us....


King's contract

The actual turning point of the year for me was the game against Souths at the SFS.

I recall that Manly had beaten the Roosters the week before at the same ground and yet were totally inept against Souths. It was a disgrace and pointed towards a number of players not being up to first grade standard.

Not much has happened since to change my mind on these players.


King's contract

Must agree. Have I entered the time tunnel and landed back in last year?????By dropping your regular 5/8 and replacing him with a wandering back-rower we always were asking for trouble. King must go, Hecks must be brought back. I like your halves Cheech. Gotta do something there! Put Monas into hooker now.
Dessie wake up!!!!!!! Is he ill-advised coaching-wise by anybody or is this all his own idea?

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King's contract

To be fair some footballers are very delicate and do not enjoy being dropped. Bottom line though is that the same crap has been dished out by the same culprits all year, win or loss. Time for some hard decisions to be made.


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King's contract

I have no problems if King is made the scapegoat for that loss.

A prop making 0 hit-ups sums up the entire performance.

Given that he has given us nothing for two years he will be no loss at all, especially with the lion-hearted Heckenberg there to replace him.


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King's contract

more to the point why the **** isnt hecks back already,blind freddy could see we missed his solid go forward.


King's contract

his contract should have been torn up the minute he dropped the ball on the first tackle while still fresh of the back of two penalties when we where on the attack.

If your webke and made 20 hit ups and 30 tackles, im cool with a dropped ball, but jesus! he compounded this with a penalty minutes later, next thing you knew they scored their first try.


Journey Man
King's contract

Blatantly obvious.

I'd go as far as to say that this wouldn't have happened with Hecks on the field.

Take the initial missed tackles and spilt passes out of the opening exchanges (Hecks for King) and our heads don't drop so soon.

Not to mention that I'd stake my life on Hecks making MORE than ZERO metres in attack.

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