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I think I will send sue ridgepipe her $50 even though there's 15 months to run on our King/Origin bet.

The man is a walking disaster, and cannot help but miss crucial tackles.

Honestly, is there a more inept prop playing in the NRL? It seems like calamity follows him like a plague follows a rat infestation.

I don't think he's even good enough to be a success in England.

Time for him to be dropped.

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I thought he was very ordinary. He makes good metres from kick offs (which make his stats look good) but he does run hard in traffic, he does not tackle hard and he was the one who was called lazy and missed tackles in the middle as he is laterally too immobile.

Give Cuthbo or anybody a go - Kylie, Kite and Bryant do the job!!1


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Bryant has been awesome in the last two games, easily our best prop. Give him a start with Kite and with Leuluai and Rose on the bench.


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Even my Mother who doesn't watch much Rugby League asked why Jason King is in the side, she was trying to claim he goes backwards each carry ... i think shes right


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Did you see how flabby and soft his thighs are?

I'm sure I saw cellulite.

We must be the laughing stock of the NRL for picking him week in and week out.


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I was shocked when Tallis i think it was said \"and a good hit up by King\"

I stopped listening to the commentators after we got called the Melbourne Storm. Twice.

We also got called the Seagulls >_<


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He gave away ridiculous penalties, then gets up and looks bemused by the whole thing. AT CRUCIAL TIMES!!!!


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This is an interesting thread. I thought King had one of his best games for a very long time - but the tribe has spoken and that is that his best doesn't rate.


Kings best is just not good enough. Ineffective in attack and his defence is pathetic.


Journey Man

He ran for 23 metres, gave away at least 3 dumb penalties, missed a tackle cold for the soft Firman try and missed another tackle right on the line that nearly let them in again.

By that stage his team mates had wised up to him and were standing shoulder to shoulder with him in defense to mop up his mistakes.

I reckon every coach in the NRL must stop the video tape in their video sessions and just issue the following instruction: "Run at King as often as you can".

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