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Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by mac, Mar 11, 2015.

  1. mac

    mac Member

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    Despite the King-dawg being injured the last couple of years we definitely miss his presence on the field. As he got older and more mature he seemed to just get angrier and really enjoyed taking it to the opposition packs. I remember a hit he put on Sam Kasiano at brooky one year (maybe 2013) and broke the guys jaw through a head clash and just got up and kept going. His tussle with the burgess brothers was great to watch when he flattened Tom or George after Sam gave him a gob full. When he got in a punch up with Luke Douglas at shark park and belted the guy several times. Him running full pelt at Adrian Morley and getting smashed but just got straight up and played the ball and kept going. His tussle with James Graham in a fiery exchange a couple of years back. He never took a backwards approach to the game and the problem we have at the moment is that i don't see anyone in our pack who can replicate that this year. It may sound like a bad idea but i think with both Gift and Choc not here this year I wouldn't mind brining the big fella back for a few stints off the bench. I think he would serve up better than what Mateo and Mason will dish up and the players definitely respect him a hell of a lot more. I wonder whether he put his hand up to retire or whether the so called fantastic management merely moved him on.

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