King and this team of weak-hearted "footballers"

King and this team of weak-hearted "footballers"


looks like barks has his orders.

i think Barks is of the belief that the zero hitups is actually a figure u made up and not the official stat for kings game.

either way barks best u dont come back for the sake of us all.
King and this team of weak-hearted "footballers"

yup. That may be the case. But I dont need to hear crap like that from him.

We all do our jobs at leat enough to record a stat. King didnt even record a stat for hit ups
King and this team of weak-hearted "footballers"

he made a hit you $5000. But let's not upset you, or you can threaten to kick us off.
King and this team of weak-hearted "footballers"

Fair dinkum...this is no different to the Conga line.... agree with you all or go elsewhere.

he didn't make many...but he made more than 0 hit ups matey.

NRL has 2 hit ups...i can clearly remember can't record a simple stat.
King and this team of weak-hearted "footballers"

If you argue the indefensible it is no wonder there is a line of people that disagree with you.

Last night had King as no hitups for O metres.

Today they have revised the stats to 2 hitups for 13 metres. For the record he made 20 tackles (most second man flops), made 1 error and missed three - which led to several tries.

Can Barks or anyone defend this sort of form from anyone let alone a supposed representative forward. Stevens and Maiva were made to look like champions by our powder puff front row?
King and this team of weak-hearted "footballers"


At the time of writing this they had 0 hitups.... so they revised it today to 2 hitups.

Do you honestly think for a starting prop 2 hit ups is acceptable.

Pull your head out of your ass.

How can you defend that **** yesterday?

****ing true supporters, go get ****ed
King and this team of weak-hearted "footballers"

No i can't defend that form, neither Daniels form on supplying information. Did you watch the game? Did you not think when King hit it up "C'mon King, show some sack"?

I never typed anything about true supporters, you sook. You don't mind giving it to others, but you can't cop it, can you? There's my point.
King and this team of weak-hearted "footballers"

I can cop it but when you dish out a **** sandwhich I am not eating it.

Yes I watch a replay of the game, and King was inept, I only saw him run up and spill the ball, that usually does not count as a hit up.

If at 9:15Pm say 0 hitups then he made 0 hitups.

Talk about sook huh, need I bring up threads froma fortnight ago.

You obviously arent intelligent enough to comprehend what is plainly written in front of you. I didnt say you mentioned true supporters, i call you one. It isnt a good term when used in the context I provided.

You may want to start by getting at least a 5th grade education!
King and this team of weak-hearted "footballers"

it wasnt dans fault the nrl got it wrong,he quoted what was gospel at that stage.anyway regardless of whether he does 0 or 2 it is irrelevant.

and to be honest barks no one forces u to come here if u think we all talk crap.its hardly a conga line here except today where it is hard not to agree about that performance.

and arguments are stemming from the fact that anyone who dresses that disgrace up has serious problems.
King and this team of weak-hearted "footballers"

Barks - I admire your gall in trying to defend the indefensible, though I think you are actually here to stir up trouble.

Noone is threatening to ban you though you are hurting your own credibility by playing the man rather than trying to argue coherently in defense of King.

NRL figures had King on 0 hitups for 0 metres for most of the day and have only just revised it.

If you are not trying to defend King what is the point of all your posts:

Barks Post 1: Attacking Daniel for his point of view, calling him a dribbler and supposedly pointing out double standards. (seems like a personal vendetta). Doesn't argue the issue at hand and gets upset with True Supporter bit, though neglects that he mentioned bannings/congalines etc that Danny and others never quoted.

Post 2: Asserting that King made a hit up. Later proved correct but fails to point out that this proves nothing - two hitups from a NRL forward is still totally pathetic - then plays the 'you'll threaten to ban me' card. (that noone mentioned!)

Post 3: Quotes stats but calls this a Conga line. Noone told him to go elsewhere but uses that misiinformation. Doesn't respond to other coherent posts in thread but plays Danny rather than the ball.

Post 4: Finally gets to issue that Daniel can give it but can't take it. (This thread seems to have more to do with Barks being miffed than actually arguing the issue.) Doesn't seem to be any evidence for this from the thread.

Sour Grapes Barks. If you don't like people arguing the point with you there are other forums where everyone is happy and they all agree!!!
King and this team of weak-hearted "footballers"

Ill bring up the stats from the cowboys game.

King: 3 hitups for something like 15 metres.

This was not a one off performance form our rep forward. It just one that finally helped lead to a record loss.
King and this team of weak-hearted "footballers"

. Why should i have to come on here and read uninformed, exaggerated posts like yours. Where is your effort? i deserve better than this tripe......
Sound familiar?

Who said you "have" to come on here ?
King and this team of weak-hearted "footballers"

Because it's a site for everyone, isn't it...?

Awww, so some of you get upset because someone gives Daniel a hard time over his performance in hammering a player. We can all have our fair say on players form, and his current opinion on King is correct. He should be playing for Blacktown Workers.

If someone is gonna hammer a player, atleast not exaggerate the stat. More on that later…..

Did you read the NRL site correctly? Do you not follow the game enough to realise someone in as poor form as King does something? Funny, you all seem to manage to see his 20 tackles as 20 flops……

I’m no different in knowing that Manly have dropped the bundle….they were atrocious across the park and I’m as disappointed as you. I’m no better a fan than a 5 year old or 80 year old manly supporter, so stop using that “true fan” argument with me. It’ what everyone uses when they are at a loss as to what to say next

Canteen Worker – you haven’t agreed with everyone in ME or AE., so what’s with your point form spreadsheet? Yes, it’s everyone’s prerogative to voice their opinions on players form. I laugh when some posters start getting personal about the player, instead of just stating the plain obvious, the player in question’s form is ****e. On this occasion, he kept harping on about a useless, incorrect point/stat. 2 hit ups from less than 40 minutes play is terrible, albeit, manly had no ball. Remember….Manly had no ball – on one occasion for 15 minutes. But fine, give King a blasting cause his year has been average - just like I can & will to someone who doesn’t know what they are talking about in their argument.

Stop being so precious and learn to cop a little if you plan to give a little. Don’t prove to be no better than the site you all deplored – and let everyone have their say. Are we all meant to agree – are we all meant to get along?

Now CW…how many lollies can I buy for 40c?
King and this team of weak-hearted "footballers"

I realise exactly why you are one eyed now. It is because your head is that far up your own arse.

Yes we read the NRL stats correctly. This often happens because they enter then on the day then they review the video the next day and correct the stats for each player.

Now. Exagerating the stats?
If the official stat site says
0 hitups

then he made 0 hitups. If that later changes to 2 then it is 2 hitups. But we can only go by the OFFICIAL Stats we are given.

20 tackles, you are championing 20 tackles? in a game when the team only had around 40% max of the posession 20 tackles is not a huge amount

13 metres, well that speaks for its self. with his might 2 hitups he managed just over 5 metres per hit up.

Well lets clap him.

Barks, you would be better served pissing off to a site that accomodates stupidity.
King and this team of weak-hearted "footballers"

Barks, which player is the biggest LIABILITY?
King and this team of weak-hearted "footballers"

DAn, Barks is welcome to stay - he answered my post coherently. No need for all to agree. My gripe was more in the intent of what he was trying to say.

The stats did change after lunch today but before that they did read 0 hit ups. He needs to know that.

Now that this is established I am not sure what the argument is about. All agree that King was horrible.
King and this team of weak-hearted "footballers"

hehehehe, I see that's getting another run....King looks to be leading that Byso.......

Now don't get upset heads not up my arse. I'm not the one who can't get simple stat correct. You didn't have to even make a hit up...but just get a simple stat correct, oh and type it correctly. I'll even drop by your corporate box on saturday night just to say hello and let you know there's no hard feelings.
King and this team of weak-hearted "footballers"

Dude your a ****ing idiot. bye bye
Team P W L PD Pts
12 8 4 147 20
14 10 4 89 20
14 9 5 105 18
12 7 5 80 18
14 8 6 34 18
12 7 5 -1 18
14 8 6 -71 18
13 6 6 22 17
13 6 7 -33 16
14 7 7 -47 16
12 6 6 -66 16
12 5 6 -26 15
13 6 7 52 14
14 6 8 -65 14
13 5 8 -94 12
13 3 10 -59 10
13 3 10 -67 8
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