Killer shark to be destroyed

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The Wheel
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See article from SMH below, I am not happy that this be allowed to be done to a protected species. The shark did not "murder" this young man but was doing what comes naturally - hunting for food to survive. Humans are in the sharks natural environment and take the risk everytime you put your big toe into the ocean.

Hunting this shark is murder IMO - it should be allowed to roam free. How can they identify the real culprit anyway. Potentially innocent animals could be destroyed in a simple revenge attack.

Save the Shark :evil:

December 17, 2004 - 2:06PM

The South Australian government has ordered that the shark responsible for yesterday's fatal attack on a teenager at Adelaide's West Beach be killed, following the discovery of human remains today.

A five-metre great white shark has been blamed for killing Nick Peterson, 18, taken as he rode on a surfboard behind a boat off the popular metropolitan beach yesterday afternoon.

Great whites are a protected species, but Acting Premier Kevin Foley said today the government was of the view that any large shark close to shore that posed a threat to the public should be destroyed.

"The government's position is quite clear," Mr Foley said.
Yeah, its a tough one.

Problem is they are likely to return there to feed again having had success already.

I wish there was an easy solution.
We use to call that shark trawling when we useto ride surfboards off the back of a boat, partly because we saw a fin once when doing it in pittwater.

They dont call body boards shark biscuits for nothing :D

Its a bit of a tough one these guys were always going to attract sharks with what they were doing, especially in SA. But still do we wait till it happens again or do you ban the sport
Problem is when a shark tastes human they will go further in for a better meal. True, the shark should be saved. Definately... maybe they should put up a bloody shark net and not let people encrouch too far on its habitiat. I agree


They only really hunt humans if there isn't enough fish...
They arent dogs.

This is a myth they dont get the "taste" for human... Their brains dont really differenciate enough. It works more on a texture basis not flabour
Agree, how they could differiate between a human and say a seal I don't know. Especially when there brain is not much bigger than a peanut. It is all instinctive, he sensed something struggling in the water sending out a "distress" tones through kicking and splashing after he came off the surf board.

It sensed a wounded fish/seal etc in the water and instinctively attacked an easy kill.

I read in the paper that there were 2 sharks which was the unusual part. One grabbed him by the left arm and dragged him round the boat then another came in and ripped him apart
Feeding frenzy, Great Whites generally are not pack hunters but there must have something going on to attract them both to the same area.
Yup 4 guys towing themselves behind a boat is a start
I think the 'taste' for human is they learn how to get human... they find it's easier than having to chase after fish... and bigger too...

I should ask my uncle... he got a PHd in marine biology...
Its not neccesarily human but something good, the fact is in those areas it will always be human. They do know their way back to places.

Also shark can travel thousands of kilometres, some tagged in SA and WA have travelled to north queensland and new zealand.

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