Kikau signs deal with Bulldogs for 2023, as picture in rival colours angers Panthers

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Penrith fans will have a sign “give back kikau’s jumper” this year, aimed at Kikau.

Because they haven’t had a better second rower.
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Based on the fact the signing rule is currently in place (and there's bigger issues world wide tbh);

If Kikau was told the pic would be released at an appropriate time, maybe he should be a bit miffed.
Why did the dogs want to do a pic a year early? Was it because they put pen to paper so it felt like a bit of closure to get a pic, or was it to accidentally release the pic early?

Gus - if he instigated the early release than his calls for an investigation rings hollow. If he didn't, is his apology and outrage real? Why would he really care?

If the panthers are so outraged...why didn't they re-sign him?

Knowing that he's going to the dogs next year, how much harm is there in the pic anyway? what, none of us can imagine Kikau wearing a blue shirt?

And is this worse than the player who wore a penrith jersey after the gf when he's contracted to another team?

The shadow knows...(and probably cares more than me).
THE NRL is mad for allowing this to happen. Taking photos. I'm sorry, absolutely no loyalty and if he was one of our boys then send him to Blacktown. This type of stuff kills the fabric of clubs trying to win comps. There is no way now he can give 100% to Panthers. His mind is now elsewhere and just filling it time. It's like a job you know you are leaving in a few months. Just a slow gradual switch off as you don't have a future there. Totally agree with him looking after his future but this way hurts the fans and the coaching staff.
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Cleary should play him at their feeder club, the Windsor Wolves. Just cause he can.
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Cleary should make him wear Canterbury gear at training, and get the forwards to go extra hard in drills.

This is the mentality I remember from being in sporting teams as a teenager. Relentless violent bullying if anyone stepped out of line.
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Kikau and the Dogs have every right to do what is best for themselves

But How they went on about doing it was not very classy but Trashy

The moral of the story
There are no morals in the Bulldog Culture
And Kikau and the Dogs make a perfect fit

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