Kennedy's Back

Kennedy's Back

in the last 5 yrs BK had more impact yes, but as a career long statement it is plainly wrong. depends on what you meant by the original comment
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Media management at its best.

I wish a decent 5/8 would offer their services for $3 because Lyon is useless in that position
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Cliffy on a $4 deal is the rumour doing the rounds..

I dont mind.. as long as hes getting back in to shape.. and not looking like fat bastard from Austin Powers... if hes fit.. get him a 3 month contract and start playing him before the finals!
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The chances of the injury situation getting bad enough to get BK down here is extremely unlikely. The more important aspect of this deal is how BK feels about the club after two years and vice versa.
That magic intangible ingredient is a large part of why our defence has improved so much between last year and this year. True mateship on the field of battle takes you the extra distance that really makes a difference.
There's still room for plenty of improvement (think Hughes/Tonga tries last week) but the small but consistent season to season defensive improvements we saw from 2003-2006 were replaced by a large leap forward this year.
Why is that? If it was just technical/physical, everyone would be able to do it.
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My belief is that BK will play. From the bench to have him come on at 20 mins and 55 mins would be a great boost. At present we go backwards when Kite leaves. Imagaine replacing him with BK???? :yeah:
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Who would we rather coming onto the field with 20 minutes to go and 4 points down in a semi-final?

BK or Cuthbertson/Hall??????
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But only if he is match fit. Bringing him in from his fruit barn to play the odd game is not going to work.

Either play him full time or not at all.
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It wouldn't take him long to get back to speed and also he's not a loser so he'd make sure he was 100%.
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So Stewart rolls his ankle on Thursday and we need BK to fly down from QLD for a game on saturday night.

Having had no fitness training or no training with the team?

Mate, its not that I don't want BK to be part of the club, but I feel your either have to play him full time or not at all.
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I'm with Flip although I do concede BK for that useless tool Cuthbo is an excellent idea. He should start playing twenty minutes a game right now to add cred to the signing.
Kennedy's Back

Flip, the guy is a champion.. never right off a champion... he could get a call tomorrow and he'd get the Man of the Match on sunday.

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