Kennedy to Captain Manly in the Australian

This was in the Australian today under the heading: Taylor has backing for promotion

Manly and the Sydney Roosters are yet to name their leaders for 2006, although the Sea Eagles will give the job to Ben Kennedy when he returns from the Kangaroo tour
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Well the good thing about allowing this rumour mungering is that we will get our name in the papers over and over again until Des actually decides sometime next year.
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Byso should be happy it's not Beaver (I mean S Bell when I say Beaver). I hope this means Kennedy will be playing for more than one year now. I hope we get two or three more now.

I DID notice on Foxtell, Kennedy was speaking in the media in England. Hopefully he's practicing.

One thing about Kennedy, is he doesn't beat around the bush, and would NEVER drag the name of the club through the mud.

I remember when there was a big Hoo Haa about Orford getting Monaghan's spot, Kennedy said in the press that he wouldn't give a toss if Manly bought another 2nd rower/lock, if it meant we were a better chance of getting a flag. That was a few days after Monaghan bagged our Management publicly, then had to apologise for it.


If he becomes captain I hope it doesn't mean that next year he will be running around in circles and passing the ball over the sideline.
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I absoltuly loved it when he steam rolled Benji multiple times @ Brooky this year. That's one thing that will stick in my mind for a very long time.


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ben ben hes a man if he cant do it monaghan....cant!
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Funny how many have been called disloyal on this site for calling for BK to be captain (you know - Monaghan bleeds for the club etc) and yet the club once again made the exact same call.
Same as the Jye Mullane bit - Des again played him in PL all year and now he has been released.

Maybe many here are realistic rather than disloyal!!!

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