Kangaroos and Kiwis


Anthony Minichiello
Matt King
Brent Tate
Mark Gasnier
Timana Tahu
Darren Lockyer (c)
Andrew Johns
Ben Kennedy
Craig Fitzgibbon
Luke O'Donnell
Petero Civoniceva
Danny Buderus
Steve Price

Interchange: Jason Ryles, Craig Gower, Andrew Ryan, Trent Waterhouse

Brent Webb
Jake Webster
Paul Whatuira
Clinton Toopi
Manu Vatuvei
Nigel Vagana
Stacey Jones
Louis Anderson
Frank Pritchard
David Kidwell
Ruben Wiki (c)
Lance Hohaia
Paul Rauhihi

Interchange: David Faiumu, Roy Asotasi, Nathan Cayless, David Solomona


Reserve Grader
I'll be looking forward to this game. Real surprised how Louis Anderson got into the Kiwi squad - he's awful ... but we'll soon see.
Almost had a heart attack when I saw Danny Buderus in the 2nd row, Fitzgibbon at hooker and Kennedy and Luke O'Donnell at props... Then I realised you had put the backrow in first for some reason lol


Journey Man
Tate? Couldn't even make a beaten Qld team in the Origin and was playing on the wing for the nags at season's end.

What happened to Bennet's other poster boy, Berrigan?

Canteen Worker

First Grader
I thought Tate was a standout in the late season games in an otherwise jaded Broncos team. Berrigan had a very ordinary end to the year.


First Grader
I cant believe Mattai didn't make the Kiwi team. :)

It should be a slaughter though. But the players could be a little rusty.

40-26 Aussies


First Grader
Glad O'Donnell made the side, he adds some mongrel and he deserves it.

Tate was the form Bronco towards the end of the season but I think Cooper deserves a shot for 2 years of consistant form!!!!


Tate is in because Bennett tries his best to only pick his friends. If he was allowed to he'd pick the Brisbane side plus a few extra other players that he likes.


First Grader
The thing that stinks is Australia could win with his Broncos. Maybe his picking them to even things up :)


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Staff member
For mind the coach should be in charge of selections - if the team fails his head will be on the chopping block. If he is to be accountable for results (and that is a big if) then he should be able to pick who he wants.
It does make you think about the whole Ennis thing though - no wonder they can fit him under the cap, go to the broncos and you could play for Australia....kinda like the bozo days

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