Jye Mullane what really happened with him.


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Jye had tendonitis in both knees.

The problem started in round 2 and he couldn't side step etc effectively, which probably affected his performance. But he played on to round 12 because the club needed him. The club put him on a 4 week rehab program attempting to avoid surgery. This didn't work.

He then had the surgery in August. He can run but isn't expected to play till round 6.

For those who didn't already know. Hopefully this clears up any misconceptions.

I hope he comes back and plays well.
oh woah.. poor bloke received alot of flak for his performances... tough break on him.

It was weird as he had an excellent game in Rd 1 last year... might explain it? maybe not.. but his kicking did seem quite woeful and you wondered if he had an injury or not.
You all know that I wasn't particularly easy on Mullane last year. It's good to get this kind of perspective as it fills in some of the blanks.

I wonder why this was never made known?
Personally I think it could explain a lot of things. John Raper reckons he can play and despite family connections, he is a good judge. Any "immortal" falls into the same boat. Jye has a chance to prove US ALL wrong when he comes back. I hope he does because that means we should be closer to the finals with extra depth etc.
Playing as a halfback didn't actually help in the time that Dunley, Randall and Monaghan were all injured for extended periods.

Hope he makes a full recovery and shows what he can do.
Brookvale Park with a JM stand! Truth is stranger than fiction.

I remember Jye taking a fantastic Manly bomb over his head running towards the try line and then passing the ball to support in almost a single motion last year. Showed some skills on that day. I also remember some of the worst performances imaginable so perhaps there was a good reason for the fluctuations. We need depth during the year so here's hoping he recovers well.
I called it to my mates at the time.

I thought he had a knee injury by his actions. Probably why i havnt been as harsh as some.

When he was dropped and notplaying PL it was confirmed enough for me.

Last year we played too many ames with injured players - Harris being another obvious problem.

Im not sure he will get passed witt but i hope he makes it back good and strong.
On 2004 form he wasn't able to pass anything. !amazed
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