Just to prove Aussies aren't lilly white.

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Journey Man
Just to prove Aussies aren't lilly white.

I get amused when I hear Aussies going on about the Springboks being dirty and their fans arrogant. I personally think it's because the Aussies don't like having a mirror held up to themselves. ;)

Here's the latest Aussie naughty boy (and a player who I consider a ticking time bomb).

From sportsnews.com.au

Harrison owns up to racial slur
March 17, 2005

Fiery Waratahs and Wallaby lock Justin Harrison has admited to racially vilifying a black South African rugby player.

The controversial second rower came forward to own up to a racial slur directed towards Cats winger Chumani Booi in last weekend's Super 12 match in Johannesburg after initial reports fingered his teammate Nathan Grey for the comments.

Grey had strenuously denied the allegations on Wednesday morning, saying in a statement he had heard the remarks during the match and was personally appalled.

After hearing of the reports Harrison contacted Waratahs team management, admitting the comments were made by him.

"Having had the benefit of hindsight now and indeed immediately when the situation did occur on the field, it's something I am incredibly remorseful over and will regret for the rest of my life," said Harrison.

"It was a very, very poor attempt to sledge a player on the sporting field - one which had racial overtones which is by no means indicative of my nature.

“I am extremely remorseful for what I've said and done and will do whatever it takes to make the situation right.

"I would understand any result that is given from a hearing process that will be no doubt undertaken."

The incident occurred during the early stages of the match on Sunday (AEDT) with Cats fullback Conrad Jantjes telling the Afrikaans daily newspaper Beeld what he believed Grey had said.

"Within the first five minutes, there was an up and under on Chumani. When he went to ground, I was part of the ruck and I heard Nathan say to Booi: 'Leave the ball you stinking black c**t'," the newspaper quoted Jantjes as saying.

"I was totally shocked. I don't want to say for one minute that guys do not make rude remarks on the field, but that was a bit over the top."

South African Rugby Football Union (SARFU) spokesman Rayaan Adriaanse said the Cats had lodged an official complaint on Tuesday.

Waratahs chief executive Fraser Neill said he was now waiting on an official report from Super 12's governing body SANZAR and felt it was improper to sanction Harrison without the proper processes being followed.

"We did consider taking action internally and hearing it ourselves," he told AAP.

"However we are very conscious of the processes involved and the SANZAR judicial rules, and not wishing to compromise them in any way, and as such we have referred that on to SANZAR, the ARU (Australian Rugby Union) and overnight when they wake up SARFU.

"We've been through the rules and the rules say you have to go through this (SANZAR's disciplinary) officer. We don't want to create any instance where there is two trials simultaneously going ahead."

SANZAR's tournament management spokesman Paul Hodgson said from New Zealand that the NSWRU was doing the right thing by not weighing into the matter until the peak body had.

Hodgson said he expected to receive a report on the incident on Thursday.

Punishment ranges from a fine to suspension, with Neill saying he would not rule out action from the NSWRU once SANZAR had come to its conclusions.

Waratahs coach Ewen McKenzie admitted it was something the side could have done without ahead of their match against the Stormers at Aussie Stadium on Saturday night.

"Anything other than rugby is a risk of being a distraction, we'll just see how things unfold and deal with them how they come," McKenzie said.

"Obviously whatever happens we'll accept and get on with it."

McKenzie said he did not feel racism was endemic in his squad and did not speak specifically to all the players about what transpired.

"We are not talking about a situation here that is repeated, frequent or whatever. We are talking a one off situation. Obviously it's disappointing but I don't think it is an issue for our team."

Harrison has played 83 Super 12 matches and represented the Wallabies on 34 occasions.

The 30-year-old recently signed a three-year contract to play with Irish side Ulster at the completion of this season.
Just to prove Aussies aren't lilly white.

The springboks are dirty.

This doesnt prove they are not
Just to prove Aussies aren't lilly white.

Yes, but I get amused when the pot calls the kettle black.

Actually I think it's a bit of a storm in a tea cup. I don't think there'd be this fuss if Harrison had called one of the white players a white ****.

When I first read racial slur I though he must have called him a kaffir or a monkey or something.
Just to prove Aussies aren't lilly white.

So what!

I bet it's not the first time a harsh sledge is used in the heat of battle, against both White and Black people.

I suppose Aussies have never been called "dumb ****ing Skippy" or similar. But generally we don't give a toss.

I think anyone who complains about sledging has got a huge complex about there origins etc.

If they had pride in there origins they'd just laugh it off and say "ignorant fool" or alike.

Surely they know its just a sledge in the heat of battle?
Just to prove Aussies aren't lilly white.

I think the whole Race question is a bit more sensitive over there byso
Just to prove Aussies aren't lilly white.

The contrary Fro. Calling someone "black" is very normal. Essentially this is little different to Harrison calling someone a "****". Your skin colour is frequently used as a tag over there and is not considered overly offensive. There are far more inflammatory terms that would hit buttons.

I'd say they SA press are playing this game because they know how it will be received in Australia and would have watched with interest what happened to Lehmann last year when he used the same term.

I'm not condoning the term but I'm trying to put some context around it. Even my birth certificat has the following on it:

Race: European. (And the race of mother and father)
Just to prove Aussies aren't lilly white.

My point was that the black guys who are now in charge love to take any opportunity to remind the Whiteys that they are no longer in charge and the new regime wont put up with that. whilst privately they couldnt really be overly bothered by the comment, in the same way as the SL cricket heirachy used it more as an opportunity to stick the needle in last year
Just to prove Aussies aren't lilly white.

I think you're right there Fro.

Mbecki is the next Mugabe.
Just to prove Aussies aren't lilly white.

hope he doesnt screw the country like old Robert did

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