just sat thru it again

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well after not visiting the site for a few days to dwell on that disaster i was priviliged enough to watch the replay this morning........... a couple of things jumped out at me as my vision wasnt blurred by the neck oil.

1. kennedy and watmough hold your heads up u were brilliant.
2. our 3,4,6,7 were totally outclassed but at least we have some new blood of quality coming for next season.
3.orford will be able to work well with our own billy slater at the back.
4.king is still a disgrace.
5.bryant deserved a spot ahead of king in that game.
6.we were expected to get flogged and we did,time to look ahead.

we made the 8 which is what we set out to do so i suppoose we can call it a success.

i can only hope that monaghan is only considered for the nine next year as he is completely out of his depth in the halfs in every facet except his defense.

well done to a selection of players for the year (no need to name them as they stand out in my eyes) and my god i cant wait for a few of them to tell there story walking.

oh well 3 wks to go and then we have the disaster that is known as the off season :( :( :(

thanks for all that posted on the site regardless of differing opinions as this is a great site and will only get better.

cant wait till 06.

go the eagles :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:
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Here here champ. Here's hoping we at least win more than we lose next year. We are only 4 games away from a top 4 team...but at the same time, we are 4 games off a wooden spoon team. Go figure.
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You are a bit of a masochist aren't you Vegas, watching that humiliation again.

You will not get an argument from me or any other poster about Bryant being screwed over by Des.
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No bad words about Des he's a protected species on ST. :)

Vegas you're a sick bastard sitting through that again. I suppose you watched the first half twice, just for kicks.
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I watched it on Monday morning, mostly to see King's first 5 minutes, Witt weaving through zero defence to score and of course BK's two tries.
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Good summation Vegas.

I arrived home on Sunday from Parra Stadium & just had to watch the replay on video. You seem to miss a lot of the action when at the game. I wanted to see who the culprits were that were missing all the tackles. No need to name them , they know who they are.

I guess there's still a slight hope that our Premier League team can achieve something this year after finishing 3rd on the table. Pity about the touch up they received from the Dragons last Saturday. I'm actually heading out to Aussie Stadium on Sunday with some guys from my touch footy team ( Tigers supporters ) . I'll get to watch the Eagles play Canberra before the main game.

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