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just dumb

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by silvertail, Apr 11, 2015.

  1. silvertail

    silvertail Well-Known Member Premium Member

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    Dumb play tonight and cranky that we are 1 from 6 and stone motherless last; I haven't had a shot at anyone at Manly since the T-Rex and Wolfman days and I have a need to vent tonight.

    Good move from Tooves with the co-captains tonight. Also good move to start with Turbo Snr. But for the life of me, we are making the same defensive errors every week this year. Surely, we should be shooting up and across in every spread play the opposition throws at us. It's just dumb that we allow teams to continue to get overlaps out wide. When we had to tough it out on our line, we refused to shoot up, shut down and players just sat back waiting for them to keep moving the ball around until they hit a straight runner into a gap. Foran has been doing it all year; sitting back, rather than shooting up. You would think we would have learned from the 2013 grand final, where in the lead up to the Tupou try, we just held back, didn't pressure them with shooting up defence and gave Pearce an easy set up to kick to the corner. I think Tooves should be given the year to improve our position, but if we get the spoon, sayonara.

    Cherry, Cherry, Cherry. I've been in your corner all along until tonight. You had enough ball in prime position tonight and came up with diddly squat. If you want to be the number one half in the game, then take some responsibility NOW to overcome the sideways and backward running plays. Comes back to Tooves as well. The spread plays we have are so overdone, mechanical, easy to read and defend. Went missing in action for the last 3 scrims in attacking position. With Moylan packing in at lock, the play had to be a chip over the top for Williame. What did we get; Foran telegraphing a chip in slow motion, to the horribly slow Blair. A million to one shot. Just dumb.

    I would have started with Tom T at fullback as I told my boys before the game. Chances are, he would not have ended injured. You make your own luck, and fact is, he got injured in a position I thought he should not have played. Also dumb that his team mates left it up to him on 3 occasions to ruck it out on first off our line. On paper, Hiku made lots of metres, but they were all kick return metres. My grand mother would have clocked over 100m at fullback tonight, given how the game panned out. No line breaks tonight and Hiku had every opportunity to have made or created one. I am sure Tom T would have faired better tonight.
  2. Baz

    Baz Beaver's Headgear

    +274 /2
    I feel your pain brother, tonight was so terribly disappointing but Hiku at fullback was the right call. He's played for NZ at fullback and whilst TT will be our future number 1, shoving him there in our second game would have been akin to throwing him in at the deep end. Cherry was an absolute passenger tonight, but should not be the sole player to wear the blame as it was a 16 man effort (not including TT) to lose tonight.
  3. HoldenV8

    HoldenV8 Well-Known Member

    +10,540 /173
    Hindsight is a perfect thing isn't it.

    But I agree with Baz that Tooves made the right call moving Peta to FB. He's the current Kiwi test fullback and I don't think Tooves wanted that pressure on Tom in just his second game. Its just a pity he got injured when he did because he was looking the most likely to score for us
  4. The Who

    The Who Well-Known Member Premium Member

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    I didn't watch the match but my pre-match viewpoint is strengthened:. If we can't win with the current two halves - we've lost something like 15 of our past 18 matches - then what is the point of picking them?

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