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Winging it
Here is something bloody obvious. After our seventh win of the year I thought it might be time to remind posters (some of whom seem to have been watching different games) that the following is true:

1. We are top of 16 teams after a third of the season

2. We have scored more points than anyone else

3. We have had less points scored against us than anyone else

4. We have led the comp for 6 weeks out of 8.

5. We have a 3 game buffer against our 'favorite' teams of Dogs, Whingeoncos, Drags, Slimes and Rhoidcastle - all of which would swap their current position for us in a heartbeat.

I am very, very happy to be a Manly supporter. It doesn't get much better than this :drunk: :yeah: :yeah:
Ben who ??

Although early days the boy's have made a very good fist of covering the loss of BK. It looks to have been the spur to finally bring out King & to a lesser extent Chocs best form in years.


Winging it
Thanks Fluffy. I'm going to put down the lack of response to this post that most are just happy to whinge about anything and are actually not enjoying being top of the table :roll: Quite unbelievable.

Reminds me of an old boss of mine who had an employee who complained about everything. The boss made a list and one by one he fixed each complaint until there was nothing left and the employee turned around and resigned. It finally dawned on him that this employee was never going to be happy unless he had something to be unhappy about. Think about it.


UFO Hunter
Its because Mata hasn't posted.

People can't rip into someone in here.

I actually had a chuckle earlier that I would even mentioned anything about bad performances ect. We are on top, if our bloke can have shockers and still pull out 7 from 8 then ****en hell yeah!!!

But I just have this tendancy to be roped into great debate.


Yeah, your right MB. Your dead right.

This is bull****.. away from this site I'm rapt with how the team is going and am constantly being a cocky little bugger to all mates and family. When I get on this website I seem to feel the need to stick up for players who continually come under scrutiny. It's tiresome. I guess one thing you can do is leave. But I enjoy talking to you boys. I mostly enjoy talking about the game and the "how good was ____ ____" on the weekend and I probably look at this site as somewhere to come and talk to people who love the Eagles as much as I do and sometimes that gets forgotten. Perhaps, I came here for all the wrong reasons.. It's only been recently i've found out how this site started etc. and it seems as though it's a website where you can talk negatively and positively about the team and that's a good thing. BUT, too many negative posts get started or head down the negative track.

I'll make a concious effort from now to be more positive.. I do my best to anyway.. I mean i don't dislike or have an agenda towards anyone in the team.. anyone who plays in the maroon and white is a good bloke IMO.

For god's sake.. the team is FIRST.. top of the table after 8 rounds and have played some good footy to be there. People on the outside looking in must sometimes think we are a bitch of dickheads with nothing better to do than pick out who isn't going well and hang some crap on them. That's not why I'm here.


First Grader
Good for you Nutz, I actually don't really think you're a bitch or a dickhead, mostly. Awesome Manly Backer, whatever it meant.


First Grader
I think a few people took my criticism of Orford a bit too much to heart.

The letter whilst having a crack, was more a statement of disappointment for Orford than anything else.

It seems to me that whenever Matty is given half a chance to impress for rep honours, he crumbles. After the debacle that was Thursday night, all he had to do was stand up against a pretty weak Canberra outfit and could have cemented the halfback spot for NSW imo.

I too am extremely rapped with how our team is going. What concerns me though is that in the past 2 weeks we have conceded nearly 60 points. Our water tight defence has turned to dust. If that had of been a top 8 side we were playing yesterday, the score could have been embarrasing.

The only other gripe I have is with Des for playing Halden starting and putting Ballin on the bench. Ballin is clearly our number 1 hooker. Not a good move imo and just one that I fail to understand.

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