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When do the judiciary charge sheets get released?
NRL.com still has last weeks.
Journey Man
They have quite a few tough ones to make a decision on. I'm hoping Chan gets charged for his elbow work.

What is the world coming to? A hair removal gel for men being advertised on a RL site? You Sydney metros never cease to amaze me.


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Funny how only you saw it you yetti
Journey Man
HeHeHe :lol: :lol: :lol:

Do they do Brazillians in Africa? Depends on how pretty they are I guess???
What does everyone think about Dunley's tackle that went on report at the end of the game. From watching it at the game I thought there was nothing in it but I haven't been able to view the match again so I don't really know. It would be great to have Dunley for next week, scored a try, made several devestating runs and assisted Menzies on reaching the big 150!
Dunley wont be charged. Chans was just as bad as Hoppas in my opinion.. His was more direct and more on intentional.
Journey Man
They just listed all the people who have something to answer for on the radio, and Dunley wasn't named. 8 others were though.
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• Judiciary Report: Round 2
21 March 2005
Hopoate case referred to judiciary

Sea Eagles winger John Hopoate's high shot on Sharks youngster Keith Galloway has been referred directly to the NRL judiciary.

The judiciary will decide Hopoate's fate on Wednesday night when it meets to examine the incident which left Galloway heavily concussed.

Seven other players have been charged for incidents on the weekend including Warriors forward Ruben Wiki who faces at least four weeks on the sideline for a grade three careless high shot on Bronco David Stagg.

Dragons pair Michael Ennis and Albert Torrens were also charged for careless high tackles in separate incidents.

Ennis faces a one-match suspension if he enters an early guilty plea but two prior similar offences mean Torrens will miss two matches even if he takes the early guilty plea.

Dragons teammate Ashton Sims could also miss this weekend's game for contrary conduct in his team's round two clash with the Storm.

Also charged in the Dragons-Storm clash, Melbourne forward Alex Chan faces a minimum suspension of two matches for striking the Dragons' Shaun Timmins.

Meanwhile, the Sharks' Greg Bird and the Eels' Mark Riddell have been charged for dangerous throws in separate incidents in round two.

An early guilty plea will still see Bird miss two matches while Riddell will miss this week's game.
Journey Man
2 weeks minimum for Chan.

He'll take the early plea. Tough hombre but he sees the judiciary thrice a year.
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Earlier yesterday, seven players pleaded guilty to charges and will miss a total of 13 matches.

Three St George-Illawarra players were suspended - Ashton Sims, Michael Ennis and Albert Torrens.

Torrens will be missing for two games with Sims and Ennis missing a match.

New Zealand Warriors recruit Ruben Wiki will be suspended for four games after pleading guilty to a careless high tackle charge.

Melbourne forward Alex Chan and Sharks player Greg Bird have been put out for two games, Parramatta's Mark Riddell will miss one match for a dangerous throw

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