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Josh Dugan to NFL?

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by mozgrame, Oct 27, 2015.

  1. mozgrame

    mozgrame Well-Known Member

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    JOSH Dugan is seriously considering following Jarryd Hayne to the NFL, revealing he’s been in discussions with his management about opportunities in America.

    Since Jarryd Hayne’s defection from rugby league at the end of 2014, a host of players have expressed their interest in following the former Parramatta No.1 overseas.

    Playing a similar style and having filled Hayne’s boots at Origin level, Dugan believes he could mirror Hayne’s success.

    The St George Illawarra fullback has indicated he would be willing to gamble his NRL career for an opportunity overseas.

    “I spoke to my manger and he’s got a contact over there,” Dugan told The Locker Room Podcast.

    “I’ve felt the waters out (but) haven’t really pursued it too hard.

    “… (Hayne’s) opened up the door (for) players with similar styles.

    “For me it wouldn’t be about whether or not I made it, it would be about going over and giving it the best I could and if I didn’t make it, I’m still 25 turning 26.

    “I’ve got a few years still under my belt. If I do get the opportunity I’d love to give it a crack.”

    Dugan is a client of sports management company SFX who have links with a host of American sporting organisations.

    While foxsports.com.au understands any discussion between Dugan and potential NFL suitors are preliminary, the custodian’s interest in catching a pig skin is genuine.

    Dugan said he’s been watching the NFL for 10 years and is such a diehard Baltimore Ravens fan that he has a portrait of superstar linebacker Ray Lewis inked on his leg.

    Proof of how seriously Dugan’s taking a potential switch, he’s opened up on his fallback plan should his NFL gamble prove unsuccessful.

    “I’ve had a good chat with my manager about it,” he said.

    “If the opportunity did come up, it’s something I’d definitely like to pursue it.


    “Worst case scenario I go over there, give it a crack and don’t make it, if there’s not an opportunity back in the NRL, there’s the Super League or French Rugby. I wouldn’t mind living in France.”

    While Dugan doesn’t come off contract until the end of 2017, the 25-year-old stopped short of declaring he’d see out his deal before moving to the US if an NFL opportunity came his way.

    “For now the Dragons is my future,” he said.

    “The only thing I could see that would take a chip out of that is the NFL if I did get an opportunity.”
  2. CBB

    CBB Member

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    Dugan isn't even half the player Hayne is. But good luck, i guess.
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    • sean john

      sean john Bring Back The Biff

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      This guy is kidding himself.. Dugan is ****.. How about getting good at league first..
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      • brad

        brad Well-Known Member

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        Dugan goes OK but with injuries he wouldn't make it , also the fact that Hayne is finding it hard and he seems more focused then I think Dugan would be.
      • dessie

        dessie Member

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        He is soft ....... stays down after most tackles. Tell him he's dreaming ..............
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        • The Who

          The Who Well-Known Member Premium Member

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          Why wouldn't every half decent RL player give gridiron a go? You don't need to be fit. Two seconds of exertion every 20 minutes or so. Then, if you're a so-called 'blocker' you just need to be able to bend over and play pat-a-cake pat-a-cake with your opposing hulk.
          Unlike our non-stop football codes where every player has to develop a range of skills, this sport involves more walks to the sidelines than Zorba to a buffet.
          Come to think of it, he would have been a perfect blocker!
        • Pablo

          Pablo Well-Known Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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          He's too skinny. He'd get killed.
        • Sea Eagle 4 Life

          Sea Eagle 4 Life Well-Known Member

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          Is it April Fool's Day?
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            PONTIAN SEA EAGLE Well-Known Member

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            He's more butter fingers than hayne.Hasson has a better chance.
          • Blowfly

            Blowfly Well-Known Member

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            Interest factor = ZERO!
          • Loobs

            Loobs Scott Fulton’s 5th Cousin Premium Member

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            Based on Hayne, I think the only way it works is a) being way younger - like 21/22ish and already a proven top level talent with the size/speed combo or b) being older but having an incredible size/speed combination while also proving to be injury free, of good character, smart enough to pick up their game and nuances.

            Dugan is neither of those.
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            • double hoops

              double hoops Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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              Could never understand this logic of promoting Hayne and league to the USA.

              Yanks won't be setting up league over there. They will just be taking our better players and throwing money around we can't match.
            • mozgrame

              mozgrame Well-Known Member

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              JOSH Dugan may want to test the NFL waters, but he’s got some work to do if the idea is to become anything more than a pipe dream.

              Dugan this week revealed he would be prepared to break his current NRL contract, which ties him to St George Illawarra for two more years, if an opportunity arose in America.

              “For now the Dragons is my future; the only thing I could see that would take a chip out of that is the NFL if I did get an opportunity,” Dugan told The Locker Room podcast.

              “If I do get the opportunity I’d love to give it a crack.”

              But there’s some road blocks sitting along the path to his American dream.

              the NRL contract

              The Dragons would have to grant a release to the 25-year-old if he wanted to leave before the end of 2017.

              He would be 27 by the time that deal expires.

              A Red V insider told foxsports.com.au no one at the club has been approached about Dugan cutting his contract short.

              The insider was reluctant to speculate on what the Dragons would do if Dugan was offered an NFL deal while he was contracted but made it clear at this stage it’s nothing more than “a pipe dream”.

              Even if he did quit rugby league to pursue a career in American football there’s no assurances he would succeed overseas.

              Josh Dugan makes a linebreak against Canterbury. Source: News Corp Australia

              With that in mind, he’s risking a $700,000 salary to try his luck in a sport he’s never played.

              Jarryd Hayne worked tirelessly just to land an opportunity to train with an NFL club, and he was ultimately handed a chance by the San Francisco 49ers.

              The club initially paid him peanuts — about $600-a-week — during the pre-season, but he now earns a base rookie salary of $435,000.

              Dugan would have to impress club scouts and coaches before even being offered a chance to train.

              The stats that matter

              Dugan would be trying to emulate the feats of Hayne, who sensationally left the NRL last year to try his luck in the US.

              Hayne was the Dally M Medal winner in 2009, played 12 Tests for Australia, and was NSW’s best player when they won State of Origin in 2014.

              And while there’s no doubting Dugan’s immense talent and athletic ability, Hayne shades his fellow fullback in some key statistics.

              According to the Fox Sports Lab, in 2014 Dugan had 13 linebreaks while Hayne returned 26.

              Hayne also shaded his fellow fullback in average running metres (178 compared to 128) and tackle busts (132 compared to 107).

              In 2015, however, Dugan’s tackle bust count and average metres improved significantly.

              Over the span of their NRL careers, Dugan also leads Hayne in average runs and average metres per game.

              Jarryd Hayne for the 49ers. Source: Getty Images

              The physical toll

              Hayne found it tough to change his body shape during his early training days in America, having to lose his rugby league “flab” and build his upper body.

              Dugan is known for being injury prone and many punters have questioned his ability to handle the physicality of the NFL.
            • Dan

              Dan Kim Jong Dan Staff Member Administrator 2016 Tipping Competitor 2017 Tipping Competitor

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              Dude can barely play League let alone NFL
            • mozgrame

              mozgrame Well-Known Member

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              I have no problem with him going. None whatsoever. In fact, the sooner the better.
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              • HoldenV8

                HoldenV8 Well-Known Member

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                Realistically, I don't think Dugan is cut out for the NFL. Hayne is no world beater but he has a lot more skill and physical endurance than Dugan does.

                If any current NRL players could follow Hayne to the NFL and probably make a success of it I would say that its RTS, Tommy and maybe James Roberts (he wouldn't have to tackle).
              • SeaEagle21

                SeaEagle21 Well-Known Member Premium Member

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                I love how now all sorts of players are making claim they could give the NFL a go, Hayne got a very very rare chance to fulfil something he really wanted to accomplish in his life and took a big risk to chase it.

                Dugan, might be a good rugby league player but he isn't as dynamic as Hayne. Even with that Hayne got dropped against Seattle so Dugan should be thankful he is getting his $700K and be thankful he isn't a labourer on site after his antics in Canberra.
              • The Who

                The Who Well-Known Member Premium Member

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                Frankly, a good rugby league or rugby union coach could shake up the way Gridiron teams attack, where the same bloke gets the ball all the time. He then throws it to some bloke who cradles the ball and never thinks to pass it to a fellow player in a better position, or runs into touch because he is too scared to be tackled. Why don't players interchange passes in that sport?
                There is so much wrong with that game, although I do like the way the refs announce their decisions to all in the stadium.

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