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This side changed at the end of the SG Ball comp where Manly came third and could even have won it with some luck. Many of that team were promoted to the older Flegg team.

With more of the season under their belt they are starting to come good, even though they are playing teams with players up to two years older than many of them.

Pundits say there is a big future for some of these boys and with the right development Manly could well reap success in the future.

The last strong Ball team we had gave us stars such as Gartner, Kosef, Elsegood, Ryan and Cleary who all stepped up in 93/94 to give the platform for the success for 95-97.

If ......... !pray:
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Dave Warwick, who runs our junior development teams is an ex team mate of mine. When I saw him at Brookie 2 or 3 weeks ago he (& the club) have high hopes for quite a few of the JF Players. At leas 6 of the current team are straight from SG Ball team and are playing 2 or 3 years out of their age division and they are handling the step up in grade comfortably.

Whilst I haven't spoken to him this week I know he will be ectstatic about their win last Sunday. There is plenty in this grade that could well come through to NRL in the next 2 years.


I heard that Manly was chasing Mitchell Pearce hard but missed out on him to the Roosters (surprise surprise - probably given a car dealership and a promise that he would play SOO next year).

It is a pity that either for money reasons or whatever we still don't appear to be able to match it with the other stronger clubs in attacting loads more good quality juniors to go with the ones we already have.
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Mitchell is a half back - is 16. Aaron Groom is in the Flegg team and is rated a potential star.

The influence of Ricky Stuart was said to be vital in the signing of Pearce.

It is well known that the Roosters spend a lot of money on younger players just to keep them from other clubs!!!
watch my mate Suli. Big fijian prop. He played halfback at my school.. but he gained massive weight at the bulldogs.

Hes going to be a great player. Starting prop this week. Should be good to get another glimpse at the JF side.


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Groom is an amazing talent. THe SG ball was packed with talent
He's massive that bloke. Saw him a few weeks ago. He went alright as well.

yeah he never really had much size on him. As i said he played a bit in the halves and at lock. I always thought hed make a great lock as he had great ball skills and good turn of speed.

But the Bulldogs really did beef him up. Then they let him go. He told me he couldnt run with all that weight.. He wants to get down to about 100.

Hes a Raiders supporter though. lol
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Groom is an amazing talent. THe SG ball was packed with talent
maybe he should be playing firsts this weeks
surely he couldnt be as bad as our current no 7
Team P W L PD Pts
3 3 0 35 6
3 3 0 32 6
2 2 0 29 6
3 2 1 14 4
2 1 1 5 4
3 2 1 2 4
3 2 1 0 4
3 2 1 -7 4
2 1 1 -8 4
3 1 2 1 2
3 1 2 -3 2
3 1 2 -9 2
3 1 2 -14 2
3 1 2 -22 2
3 1 2 -25 2
3 0 3 -12 0
3 0 3 -18 0
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