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I'm just going to throw this out there:-

Jason King - I'd say one of the most in form, dominant props in the competition at the moment.

There - I said it ! :clap: :clap: :clap:
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Backer - how did the petitions go mate? Dan's not answerring the phone. Too busy hopefully.
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Gee its cold in hell................never though you hear such words here

But seriously King and Kite have been fantastic so far this year, keep it up boys
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We each got hundreds and in general the response was fantastic. I still have a restricted access card I have got to get back to you. Dan has an outside rave to go to tonight and headed straight off. I'm going for a beer and watch my taping of the game.

Very pleased with the win. Warriors looked controlling but we won a good encounter with a powerful team. That field goal clinched it.
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I'm concerned with Bryant. He's not very penetrative , can't offload and doesn't add much in the go forward dept.. Good to see Princess and Kite going gangbusters. Not overawed by the monstrous worriors. Willo had a defensive blinder, though when doesn't he.
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king was unreal today good to see him finly stepup but i think robbo needs to go to pl with williamson
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Defense won us the game today, especially when it mattered at the arse end. Willo is so dependable in that dept I can't imagine him not being in the team. Who would you replace him with? The PL was disappointing. Robbo did OK. Anyone better, I don't think so. He was on the sideline whenever he got the ball so what could he do?
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King was fantasstic today. Great to see him in some form this year, and great to see him repay the faith the club have had in him for the last few years. The way he's playing he could get some real rep footy in the next few years.
The whole pack has been going great this year, with Beaver back we'll look really formidable.
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King is going great guns, can't fault his efforts in any of the four games so far.

How good is this bloke Clint Halden going, his last three efforts off the bench has been blinding!! I would go so far as to say he has been our best player. :clap: :clap:
King was excellent today.

I don't think Willo has enough hype about him to convince tooves.

Willo was excellent today... look how he chopped down Ruben Wiki in Ruben's very first hit up of the match and after Willo had been playing for 20 mins already.. cut him down dead in his tracks... a few minutes later he chased a kick down and forced MacKinnon back into the in goals to get us a drop out... he does it week in week out.
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I'm an unabashed Willo fan. His defense is terrific, inspirational. He's a bit lame in attack but we are winning through defense.
I agree DSM5.
Sometimes you need to sacrifice attack for a good defender and to be honest , we have enough attacking weapons. They just need to start firing properly and then look out.
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"Go the Cougar" (Willo) calls were all over the hill on Sunday. That was a sensational effort, reminded me of OJ in the old days.
Good to see King showing some mongrel this year. Our 2 props are going great guns with solid back up by Willo, Choc & Stewy 2. Wait until Ox gets back & see what he can do with a pack of forwards going forward!
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I am impressed with King and at last he is playing well and is not an embarrassment. Agree with what is said about Bryant though - pretty ordinary. I like the ticker of Hall who seems to have a go. George Rose - not sure about him. Have yet to see him put a lot of good time on the paddock together. Has potential but needs to be more mobile in my opinion.


Hall is one of those players that I keep feeling like he's going to give away penalties everytime he does something. It's not good for the heart.

Plus was it him who's stuffed up two tries by obstructing defence players that wouldn't have made a tackle anyway?
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How good is this bloke Clint Halden going, his last three efforts off the bench has been blinding!! I would go so far as to say he has been our best player. :clap: :clap:

I can confirm that Halden made 0 missed tackles and 0 errors. Top effort !
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Yes Ads, Hall worries me at times too, but, he's big and relatively mobile and goes forward so imo he keeps his bench spot. He needs to be coached when and where to decoy run. I would suggest to him not within the five metre line. Bryant is my other forward worry. Apart from one bust on Sunday he's just not noticable in the carry-up department. My other concern is with our three man bench. Why?
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