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the only way i can describe him in 2005 is :bdh: , the guy is built as big if not bigger than any other front rower in the game today, he has proved that he has ability because he has played for city, and was a small chance for origin.
so what happened in 2005, was it injury, lack of desire to perform at the top level or he has more important things to do. the bottom line is what he got away with in 2005 will not fly in 2006. i for one have defended him through out the year but after looking at his stats, well we'll just say i was on the wrong side of right. i would love to see the big guy pull his thumb out and step up, god knows were gonna need him this year if were any hope of being a real contender. so whats the general consensus for the king in 2006, will he be dethroned and dropped to premier league where his form for '05 would warrant him being, or will he step up and make that number 10 jersey his?
my opinion, in 2006 the king will return.


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Gotta agree with Matabele. Some say the 'King' lewft the building in 2005. Unfortunately the 'King' has been somewhat more so a Jester for most of his career.


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the guy is built big but runs small! He needs a marked improvement if he wants to avoid being one of the players talked about in years to come as one of the worst to don the jersey

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King must have some ability and it is no secret that he has been habitually injured, not training during the week and only turning up to play on Sunday.

The problem with that is that if you turn up and play you get judged the only way possible - what happens on the park. You can't cry foul and use the injury card if you are ruled fit. If you are injured, rest until you are well.

My issue with Jason King was with the lack of lateral mobility in defence, meaning we leaked metres up the guts and he missed tackles that led to tries or long breaks. Hit up wise he did okay per run but he usually did so few hitups per game that his total metres were pretty low. For a big man he gave the impression he dropped as soon as a finger touched him and he didn't break tackles or struggle through the line.

I think what hurt King was his call in the media for him (and others) to be picked in rep teams. In this country , if you are going to 'talk the talk', you have to be able to 'walk the walk'

He did play okay in two games this year but for someone who has been hyped as a Rep player his on-field performance has been pretty poor.

Time for him to live up to potential or move aside for some better prospects.

I would love to see him succeed as we need a dominant prop rotation. The last three seasons don't inspire me with confidence that he will do so.

PS I am waiting for the first call - you are being negative. Say that to his face.

PPS Calling it as I see it!!!!


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From what I hear from some on this site, it was his conditioning flaws that lead to his poor form. Maybe someone on the coaching/fitness staff should be help accountable.


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CW will be cut you arent taking his subject of food tech......he also teaches dance as well I've heard

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CW will be cut you arent taking his subject of food tech......he also teaches dance as well I've heard

And if I was would that be a problem???? And Dan has the gall to have a go at others about lame comebacks???? :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah:

PS Good luck on Wednesday Blunty!!!!

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