Jason King is he back?


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I'd like to know the posters who thought Jason King was playing to the NRL standard/potential that Manly would expect. Over the last 2 months.

Did King play as well in previous rounds as he did yesterday?

Well done King you had a good game yesterday. It goes to show when King plays well the team can win.

Is Jason King ready to fullfill his potential?
fisrt good game after 20! we say he was outstanding, but i guess thats just comparing him to previous weeks.

in real terms he simply did a good job, or to put it another way, the job hes expected to do.
No, that was the best performance by King we have seen for about a year or more.

It wasnt brilliant but was by his previous standards
If he plays like that every week he is good enough to start. That means that then his good games will be even better!
Agree Ads - we desparetly need a prop foward to stand up at the start of the games both this year and next year to give our halves some room. Hopefully Jason will do the job required.
All of this is bloody scary. Not one of the 'usual suspects' let us down. If we can get over the Knight's forwards next week we will know we can shake the comp.
what i loved was his passion. Screaming at the rest of the players Revving them on. GO KINGY SON FIRE UP!!

After watching the game again I think Minogue and Harris were much more effective
It was an improved performance. He got bounced in tackles occasionally, but always came again to finish off the tackle. Ran the ball up harder and made a very important tackle in the 60th minute covering from marker. Hopefully he improves further from here cause i know we're not getting carried away with one game.
barks that tackle was crucial because if that guy got thru it wasa try under the sticks because a lot of guys were looming in support.it was from a pass back inside wasnt it.by the way i missed you at the boozer on the weekend.
was that the bear hug tackle from behind :D
forgetting weather he had a good or bad game, its just that he showed some ticker and really made an effort, again thats all we can ask, now if we can ask if he can to that two games ina row, that would be great!
That's it guys...Consistency. Hopefully Monnas has turned the corner again. Last week, Manly announced that offloading him is RUBBISH, and that may have given him the impotese to really strive.

Looks like the team is geting a resemblence of structure back.

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