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I know it's too early because we are yet to see the results, but in hindsight, would you guys have rather have seen us buy a quality backrower with the spare money (or two decent ones) or Jamie Lyon? Don't get me wrong - I'm a huge fan and think he'll be a great asset for years to come, but did we have more pressing needs in other areas? I guess time will tell.


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I think the only reason we could suggest that question was whether we used the last of our cash reserves to get Jamie.

That isn't the case, we just didn't end up signing a forward. I don't think that was because the interest was all in Lyon. I just don't think there were a lot of good quality forwards. Sure we could go for Asotasi but i wouldn't want to match what souths were willing to pay right after running into money.

We will most likly end up with a quality forward for next season, perhaps even two. That will discount that Lyon had anything to do with not securing a Blue Chip forward for this year.

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A simple fact is you need quality halves to win a comp or one champion half or 5/8.

We can get away with our back row as it is but I doubt we can get away with a halves combination that does not exploit players like Bell, matai and brett Stewart
Agreed. I think Lyon at 5/8 (not just in general) is a huge upgrade over Burns. Burns is more of a half/hooker at this stage - doesn't really have the 5/8 skills yet, but he is young and he will learn.


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Corret. No team will go good without a smart half 5/8 combination. That's what will cruel Souths and half a dozen other teams. The forwards are a worry but our back line is a killer.


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Our forwards dont have to be brilliant, they just have to do their job. Make metres. Dont be too fancy, dont try too hard to push passes. Just go forward, our backline will do the rest
We can just about play like the tigers in 05 with that backline. if the forwards plug up the middle of the ruck, which they should since willo, stewart, menzies and kite are all pretty good defenders, monas as well.
Our backline is better than Tigers '05, but our forward pack not nearly as skillful. The difference is that the Tigers played to a smart plan that year - can we do the same?

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