Jamie Lyon

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I have kept this to myself but I see no reason to hide it so heregoes:

On Boxing day 2004 I went with some mates to the casino. Whilst playing the pokies I noticed big Peter Peters at the machines near me.

Not wanting to bother him I briefly went up to him, said g'day and flashed my Sea Eagles key ring. He laughed and greeted me genuinely. I asked him if Jamie Lyon would play for us and he said he will in 2006. Guaranteed!

I know that his Parra contract is up in 2007 and this may contradict the signing of Bell but I would like to know what you guys think. I'm not lying, I rarely post coz I can't type quickly and find it ball breaking.

Is there a chance we can add Lyon to the line up???


Kim Jong Dan
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that would be awesome if he did sign, but one would wonder what would happen then with Alberts, would he push to the wing?

The Wheel

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As much as I would like to think he is Robbo, I doubt they would have gone after Bell if he was coming next season.

We will be in with a good chance in 2007 but I reckon the Gold Coast will be throwing some big bucks at him as well. I just hope Crusher is still keeping in close contact with him.


First Grader
Boxing day was a long time ago, things may have changed since then.

Cant see him fitting in dolars wise next year.

But I hope you are right Robbo


It would be good if that was true Robbo.
I see that Lyon had slotted nicely into the 5/8 position in pommie land at St Helens and is a number one candidate for the man of Steel title (best player). Judging from that sort of form you would think that St Helens would be reluctant to let him go.


Reserve Grader
Maybe signing Bell was the clincher for Orford to eventually sign with Manly.Since they are good friend's.I dont think we would see Lyon till 2007 if we are lucky,but now having Orford & Bell that might sway Jamie to come to us.The better the player's that we have the better player's we will attract.We do have an impressive side for next year with the addition of Orford and Bell they are the cream & Lyon could become the cherry to add to the top.


First Grader
I agree I think we need to offload some players before we could squeeze him in. Having said that, club management should be working towards his signature now. I dont believe their would be anything to stop us signing him now for 2007 would there?


2007 is the best we can hope for I think, hopefully we have the cap room or there's a significant cap increase in 2007 to use. BK might be gone by then (hope not).


Reserve Grader
No i think Manly view Jamie as our Blue Chip for 2007.Hopefully there will be one more for 2007 a big strong prop with any luck.As management has stated we are looking to add at least one blue chip signing a year till we have the right balance of playing strength.


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Who the hell is Stuart Fielden?I hope BK takes up the third year option in his deal if he is going well.Also it would be great if he extended.

Canteen Worker

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Zorba is football manager and whilst he is likely to be privvy to potential signings it is unlikely that he would throw scoops away like this - if it was out in the open it would be another huge story. Would love it to be right but it appears too good to be true - though there have been whispers of a further signing for a while.


Winging it
Hold the Presses - another AE scoop. I thought the wimma-way posts had died but obviously not. Gotta go, Danny is on the other line..... ;)


The only truth so far is that Zorba himself said what he said. I to do think that the Bell signing, Lyon's form in England, Parra's restrictions for for 2006 and the cap indicate that it won't happen but who knows??

He has been seen at our games holding our jersey, if hedidn't have the intention of playing for us he sure has teased the hell out of us.


I think you will find that manly will do everything to get Lyon next year. After all he is probably one of the best centres in the world.

He is still go mates with crusher and Kane and they go pig shooting together whenever he is in Australia.

They would put Alberts on the wing if Lyons comes to Manly. No a bad backline.

Another forum has the roosters supposedly chasing Fielden for next year to replace Cayless.


Journey Man
Do we really need him??

I dont see a significant advantage in Lyon over alberts considering the $ involved.

I think it could be better spent elsewhere.

Now that we have Bell and Alberts there is less reason to chase him.


Reserve Grader
We would have close to the best backline in the comp.

Pity our frontrowers would still be powderpuffs.

Just watching the Broncos run around and i'm extremely envious of Webcke and Sevens cents.

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