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He got off on a technicality. Apparently his lawyer argued that despite growth ended up on his head there was no lifting motion in the tackle. And because the charge stipulated "lifting tackle" he apparently had no case to answer for.

Eric Growth Supplied a letter for the hearing.

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As the climate warms up they are heading South apparently. Not sure how quickly, how far or how big a problem.

Typical QLDers - think they can take over everything!!! :lol:


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those pests are moving south and becomming even more of a problem. A shame queenslanders did nothing about them for so long.

Good news on lyon, but it was always going to be the case and he shouldnt have been sited to start with

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It was a pretty innocuous tackle anyway, just ended up a little clumsy through no fault of Lyon. Fair result.

Johnson got his downgraded as well. No surprise.


the toads will get confused by day light saving and go home, like all queenslanders there not too bright....

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I though Matai got off lightly, but considering Johnsons crime and punishment he probably got dealt with a bit harshly in comparison

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