Jack Afamsanga?

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I don't know how many of you caught The Manly Daily with the large picture on the back of our prospective Lock players advising Glenn Stewart is the front runner...
I don't know if it was the angle of the camera etc, but Jack Af was Glenn Stewarts height !!! Cuthbo, Willow and Wells towered over them.
From what I "heard" - I was lead to believe Afamsanga was huge?

Anyone know the facts?
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god forbid willo plays lock, afamaskaga looks rubbish and glenn stewart is a great reserve grade player, cant remember who else was on the back page, fingers crossed matai plays lock and lyon centre in the trials just to satisfy our curiosity another thing dont read to much into what the manly daily reports, they had zorba as a columist for years!
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A piece in the SMH today has beaver stating Des has made an approach to him about the lock position. Nothing in concrete but discussions have happened.

I have had Menzies in the 13 in my 07 team which would make Choc + one of either Stewart, Cuthbo, Afamasaga, Willow battling it out for the 2nd spot. I cant see either Wells or Offerdahl making it as yet. If Mattai is to become a 2nd rower it has to be from the bench IMO.

No need for a YART :clap:
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would love to proven wrong on all accounts, barr the willo comment. How many other clubs has afamasaga played for, has he played in the top grade?
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Was a PL Eels player Sheila. Did play one or two top grade games but not sure as to exact number. Went OK but has been held back due to injuries. Had big wraps on him 2 years ago, but a current pragmatic view would be that he is an unknown quantity with great potential. Much like many of our secondary forwards.
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one advantage our club seems to have is we are good with injuries and commonly injured players. If halfasanga is in the BK boat injury wise then we may do quite well out of him from what i have heard. He was rated highly from some of the parra fans at work but is considered injury prone.
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As the others said, Jack is from Parra and hit the scene in 04 i think; played a bit of first grade and was hailed as the next big thing by parra fans, has be battling injury ever since including a season ending injury in round 10 of 06.

Parra fans i know where very upset to see him go
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Yes i saw him in the few first grade games he played, i was impressed, though alot of time and a few injuries have passed since then


Willo being considered as a starting second rower? That's pretty damned depressing isn't it.

I am Ok with it as long as it is for Premier League.
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well its the lesser of two evils - at least then his defence will add a bit of value and his attack or lack thereof wont be missed as much
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Stewart could probably do Willo's defence work, and he's got the advantage of being younger and better in attack. He also looked to have a combination with his brother going, which could be useful.
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i was only referring to the options for willo - ie starting or bench, at least starting there is a little value

yeah stewy2 could prob handle all that as you say
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Fluffy - I will never forgive Willow for sling - shotting Lockyer towards our own goal line...
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