Jack Afamasaga

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Journey Man
I'm definitely not trying to be overly critical here, but in my opinion, he is pretty slow and lumbering. I haven't seen him offload either?

What's peoples opinions of him :?:

I was a Bears supporter at the time, so not sure if this is the guys name, but he reminds me of an ex Manly player called Danny Lima (I think it was).

Around that same time, another Kiwi forward played for us as well (Mal Kafusi is it?). Used to play the ball slower than anyone I have ever seen.

Also like Afamasaga.

Credit due though...that try against The Knights was pretty good.


UFO Hunter
He's got a good run. He could be very much like moi moi's style given time.

I have noticed his defence is very poor though. Needs work urgently if he's going to be any part of the finals campaign.

Jatz Crackers

First Grader
Statistically speaking he is doing OK.

7 appearances averaging 29 mins per game, 10 metres per run and 71 metres gained per game (bench)

His attack is fairly good with 5 tackle breaks, 1 line break and 4 offloads with one try to his credit.

IMO his defense (at this early stage) is better than Lima and others. Not superb but OK with 91 tackles with a miss rate of 7 over his game YTD.

General impression wise, I think he is still finding his feet. His attack is where his worth is which maybe doesnt quite fit in where the team is this year, but he can hit the line hard and make the metres for us and given time i think he will be an assett. One more off season for him and with a lift in fitness & feeling more comfortable in first grade, he will do very well for us off the bench in 08.


Don't forget that he didn't have an offseason as he spent the whole time in rehab.

Give him an offseason under Donny Singe ans he will be a regular fg next year.


First Grader
Yep tooks has hit the mark. As did Watmough last night when interviewed. He was asked if fatigue played a part, to which he responded, "No, we are fit enought to cope with that sort of game"

We are one of, if not the fittest team in the comp. We have a habit of turning underachievers into regular first graders.


Journey Man
letts just say it appears to me that he is just concerntrating on a clean low error game. Having seen him in PL earlier this year i can tell you there is plenty more to offer. He is doing the right thing and finding his feet at the higher level before he starts to test the offloads etc. The bloke has good ball skills


Journey Man
As did Watmough last night when interviewed. He was asked if fatigue played a part, to which he responded, \"No, we are fit enought to cope with that sort of game\"

I was very impressed with that. He almost sneered at the interviewer as if to say "what the **** are you on about?"


First Grader
I was even more impressed Mata when he mentioned how the errors cost them, especially his own. He has really matured this year. He still gives away a bad penalty every now and again but he is getting better.


Winging it
On Afa, Jatz is spot on. He is a huge unit and is obviously attempting to keep all errors out of his game and plays like a rampaging wrecking ball. Just the sort of play you want before a Choc or Beaver gets an opportunity to show creativity and linking with Snake.

The guys have really impressed with their attitude. No excuses from them for losing (leave that to Des) and Choc has shown a huge leap in maturity.

Mata was right on this loss. Personally I preferred us to lose a close one like that (rather than scrape home) and make the players realise that they have to put in a lot more to guarantee a win. We are on track for a solid finals performance.


First Grader
Yep, I like the look of him and it takes three or more tacklers to bring him down when rampaging which is always good as it sucks in their troops. What's then needed is a fast play the ball which I'm sure he can develop. Anyway he's got more potential than Georgie R, Perry and Bryant.


Journey Man
Pretty resounding positive opinions of him.

Those stats are definitely good Jatz.

Your right as well Tooks.

Cuthbertson also came on that way. As did Rose. Very little error rate to start, but now have the confidence to offload quite frequently.

That's actually one of the only adverse things I thought about having Ben Kennedy in the team. If a player tried to offload, he would tear shreds off them. (I remember Rose playing in Beavers 250th.)

Without the concern of a spray from BK, I personally think the team have opened right up this year.


First Grader
I reckon Afamasaga is going very well. He reminds me of Lualui but this blokes better. I'm sure I've noticed some offloads from him. Maybe a couple of weeks ago.

None of the forwards produced against the Bunnies. Which is the reason we didn't get withing there 20m line all game.

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