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Its time to lobby the NRL, if not dont cry later

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by jbb/james, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. jbb/james

    jbb/james Well-Known Member Premium Member

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    The IC has been formed, and they have a massive task ahead of them to accommodate all the relevant parties. Shaping the game, TV rights and expansion are big agendas that need urgent attention.All fans acknowledge the importance of the commission and anybody who loves the game must genuinely understand that the moment of truth is upon us,but what will this mean for the fans?

    Its rare rugby league fans will ever agree with anything but its fair to say they all agree with 1 thing, Things have got to change dramatically in the way the game is presented to its audience

    As with the clubs the IC holds every fans hope and fortunes in the palm of their hands, so what would the average punter expect.In one word, Fairness.

    The fans love their footy and will always hold league close to their hearts, but many have become disillusioned over the years. And for good reason. The NRL constantly pats themselves on the back for the closeness of the on field competition which can see any team win on any day,but the salary cap is the only point in which the clubs are given equal footing to compete, and even that is subject able considering 3rd party arrangements.

    The fans are waiting for the commission to deliver. For too long they have watched TV networks run the game and many are disgraced. They watch some clubs receive seemingly favorable treatment with scheduling and promotional opportunities while others pick up the scraps at best. They have watched the draw manipulated to suit certain clubs but not others.How can clubs honestly compete equally in corporate and sponsorship, when they are not able to offer their investors the same opportunities afforded to other potential partners. And how can the NRL continually boast every year that this year will be the closest competition ever, when off field the margin between the haves and the have not's is widening at a rapid pace.Their administration is a massive contributor to this inequity .

    The commission needs to make a decision as I believe there is more riding on this that anyone will ever know. Like the clubs the fans have waited and waited for fairness and common decency to be restored . The lack of transparency and inconsistency over the last decade has split the RL community. The next big decisions from the commission is going to reveal how important the fans are in the RL equation or wether they are treated as a meaningless minority piece in the puzzle , merely required to come hither when the NRL needs to quote a statistic or two.

    While it appears like a radical change, in makes sense for long term promotion, education and fiscal strength of the game through its partners, the clubs. It evenly rewards all sponsors for their contribution to our game, like it should. Its bad business to send a message to a sponsor contributing millions to the game that they are not as important as others.

    The annual grant is only a part a part of the solution for clubs and the NRL has to contribute more opportunities to the clubs who provide an equal product.

    The fans have waited for their messiah. Now its the commissions job to live up to the expectations, for the whole game, and the fans are an important piece of that puzzle .If the IC fails to deliver on a few basic necessities for all clubs then it sends a very clear message to the loyal fans that essentially NOTHING has changed. Its a difficult decision as clubs will be pushing hard for a massive financial deal, but if the IC is dedicated to the long term future of the game, its time you gave a little back to the fans.

    In the end all fans want just one thing, they need to know at the start of the season every team has a FAIR chance. In any competitive system is that asking too much. So far it has been
  2. eagles2win

    eagles2win Well-Known Member

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    My list for them to do
    1. Sort out a tv deal - dictate to the tv station not the other way around. For example if they don't show the game live in a league playing state contract = null/void, show league at a descent time in other states, all teams get a fair representation (when was the last time the Raiders got a Friday night game?)
    2. Expansion plan this is my model
    WA and Ippie
    Redcliffe and 2nd NZL team
    3. Sort a out a transfer window
    4. Have the winner of the NSW Cup and Qld Cup play each other on GF day. Call them ARL Cup winners
    5. Expansion in those grades
    Qld Cup - woomba, Redlands, png and Wide Bay
    NSW Cup - Islanders, 2nd Melbourne team and Wellington
    That way it works into the Expansion plan and also helps the game internationally
    6. Work more with the game internationally more specifically local ie full strength Tonga and Samoa tests, Fiji and PNG tests during origin breaks. Also have the 'Roos play them more may not get crowds from us Aussies but would be huge for those nations.

    Would love them to do this as well a Joey squad (as in baby Kangaroos aka U20s) to play the Tomahawks(USA), Wolverines(Canada) and Hurricanes(Jamica).
    Those three countries are really loving there league at the moment and a full tv deal from the US and Canada would be huge
  3. OneEyedEagle

    OneEyedEagle Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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    Exemptions for certain senario's relating to the salary cap instead of losing players to other codes and to the English SL

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