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It Needs To Be Said

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Kalvin, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. Kalvin

    Kalvin Member

    +107 /10
    Lyon - hate to say it but looks like his time is done

    Williame - is a losing jynx

    Walker - should be playing Centre and switch with lyon

    Dce - dilusional with a halftime interview claiming that they were happy with the half and also unforgivable to stuff up that 5th tackle option at the end - million dollar man my ass!!

    Myles - look like he came to manly to retire

    Korasaiu - overrated - parcell is much better

    Brown - should be a bench player at best

    Green - what a joke he is in the side, shows barret dilusional

    Vave - as above comment

    Seibold - shouldn't be paid this month!
  2. joeboy

    joeboy Well-Known Member

    +617 /29
    Hard to disagree with any of that.

    No cohesion at all. Dce is woefully out of form. And im starting to wonder if he is the halfback that can win us games n a regular basis, he has not grabbed a game by the scruff of the neck in yonks. Killer and matai are still trying but the pace of the game may be just passing them by. Myles was deplorably bad. Korisau looks merely a park footballer. And Lewis brown. Wow. I wish I could find my posts from when we first signed him as they summed up exactly what I thought we were getting. Dylan walker doesn't know how to inject himself and is not a five eight. Nathan green. Was a no name for a reason. Unfortunately it's the simple things that are the most distressing. Desire and urgency. Respecting the ball, counting your tackles and marking up on the opposition. That was painful to watch. If not for individual brilliance we would have scored two tries.

    What exactly have our team and coaches been upto all off season. We look slow, unfit, uninspired and are sorely missing the killer extinct that we used to ooze.

    Not an easy way out of this, we look of the pace in every facet.

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