Is Half-Witt needed back at 5/8?

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Well it looks like were still struggling to score tries, especially in the second half.

Is it too predictable for the opposing team to simply shut down Monas. Therefore stop our attacking capabilites.

Do we need Witt back at starting 5/8?
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I believe so, if his defecne is of concern play him on the wing when we don't have the ball. Oddly enough though until the Dragons game I thought he was a capable defender.
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i agree wheel,i would like to see his missed tackle stats prior to that game.i thought he was a good defender.
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Agree on his defence. For his size he took all on. He just lost the way in providing attacking flair, going aimlessly to the line and taking the wrong option and his grubber kicks were ineffectual. I still saw enough early on to say he will be up to NRL standard.
Someone needs to be brought up. Surely there are enough good defenders to be able to protect someone like Witt.

I'd like to see Burns given a go. the PL side have scored the most points in the comp this year with him running the show, shame they can't defend though.
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agree mb,we won 10 games with him there.what have we won since.not saying he would have saved us but his goal kicking might have on a few games.i think he has been the fall guy when a few others in my opinion should be where he is.
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Do you think he may have had a falling out with Dessie?

I thought his defence was OK, prior to the st's game.

But his attack wasn't consistent. We can only hope he has the drive to succeed.
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Witt form in all aspects fell off in the last month he played 1st grade. His attack became non existant, his missed tackles doubled and even his goal kicking didnt look wuite as good to me. Maybe he was put into PL to get his head sorted.

What we need is a walker/capbell in attack. Burns is probably the best attacking half at the club and when played at hooker made 19 tackles for just 1 miss. Add to that he can kick. Give him a run, he has the vision that the pundits have been calling for and i think would slot in at 5/8 better than witt. Last week witt found his feet late, after burns was sin binned it seemed.
Just on and in Witt's defence if you look at the Dragon's performance's since they played us they are riding roughshod over pretty much all opposition
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yes good point ,i wonder the missed tackle count by all clubs that have played the drags since we got flogged.

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