Is Des a top 8 coach?

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To me it seems we have a top 8 side. Maybe even top 6. Yet were under acheiving again.. sure it will take time before we see the best of these guys... but can Des make the BIG decisions to improve this side?

1. Dropping King - Will it ever happen? at least to the bench? I somehow doubt it. Dunley, King and Willow are current liabilities to the squad. Willow wouldnt be such a liability if he got more minutes but at the minute, he is getting limited minutes and hes not the sort of player who can make an impact off the bench. Simple thing really, what we lack are good strong runs from any of our forwards on the 2nd and 3rd tackles rather than dummy half sideway running from the wingers. Promote Cuthbo... Ballin... Rose... ?

2. Set plays in attack - we havent seen them even attempt them for them to go wrong. It seems his favourite set play is the 'Run from dummy half'. Each set its the same particular players making the same sideways runs rather than having props making their runs (getting more metres.. ie king 4 hit ups.. watmough 5 hit ups.. surely we had more than 5 sets in the whole game) Statistically we are top of the table with the dummy half runs.. and i think this is a massive problem with our forwards not making any metres (lack of attempts to make runs due to wasted possession from wingers and centres running from dummy half).

3. Consistency in the halves. Will he just stop fiddling with the halves combination and give the players he chooses time to settle. To be honest i couldnt give a stuff anymore whos 5/8 but theres too much chopping and changing going on.

4. Besides the set plays... theres no second phase play... do our forwards know how to offload.. besides the odd few from BK.. we dont even try to keep the ball alive.

5. Blocker Roach. Wtf is he for? The forwards are deadset useless. They have the size and mobility yet cant make any decent strong runs or big hits in defence (aside from Bryant).

Personally i dont think hes man enough to make these decisions.. i hope im wrong. So i ask is Des the man to take us forward?


Not much to answer ur question cause i find it hard to say n e thin bad bout des. but i thought king had a good 10mins and all of a sudden he just fuchin died. williams town is pure gold. duners the same. Cuthbo is a mate of mine all through high school so i might be miss judgged in saying he is fukcing outstandin but he deadset needs the chance 2 have a shot. Also i reckon bryant can futckin play or wot. And i wasnt a big fan of burns but fuk he showed heart and passion. I rate him now.


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Dazzlers got nothing!

Why cant some people think with their heads and not their hearts?

Christ, if the bloke isn't doing the job push him out.

I cannot believe how some people are willing to put a line through certain players but are unwilling to target the one person who controls what the team does!.

No excuses for Des, he has a better balanced side than '05 and the team still looks disorganised in attack and at times no sting in defence.

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Des was a top 8 coach in 2005!

I am not sure our squad is top 6 - underperforming front row and up till now - no 5/8 and very low on quality centres. We will know in 26 weeks and if we aren't a top 8 side there is likely to be a new coach anyway.


Des' biggest issue is that he is too loyal to a few players who are not up to first grade standard. He needs to make changes to get a better balance in the team and include some younger more enthusiastic players in the team.

In sayign that we are a 5/8, prop and centre short of a good team. Hopefully Lyon will solve one of the problem positions next year and Burns might fill the 5/8 spot on a long term basis.

release king and use his money to buy a decent prop. We also need to buy a ben Creagh to cover Beavers spot because surely this will be his last year the way he has played in the past 2 games.


but thats what sets the big time coaches and Des.. he cant make these big calls. he cant drop big name players who arent performing. Even Sharp dropped Beaver once!

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